Friday, 8 March 2013

Way Behind!!

Wahh!! Bought so many dvds on ebay for £1 I've got tons to watch. I don't leave feedback until a dvd is watched. Unfortunately some of the dvds weren't as described and turned out to be quite scratched but most of them are as described.

I watched transformers the other day & I actually really liked it. My mum was surprised when I told her I hadn't seen it before because she thought I did. 

I must have atleast 20 dvds to go through the now. I thank the sellers for being patient. I'm getting there though. My next dvds to watch are Broken Vows, Night Watch & House Of Wax. I've seen House Of Wax before but I've never seen the other two. 

I've just bought another 8 dvds on ebay so I better get a move on with watching what I already have.. My cats seem to like watching movies and tv series as well so I will most likely have company. 

Anyway.. Its friday. I'm hoping for a nice relaxing weekend.. Maybe sit in the living room and make a couple of bath bombs & watch a movie then have a nice relaxing bath. Sounds like a very good plan. Agreed?