Saturday, 23 January 2016

New day

After quite an early night last night, I am feeling a bit more refreshed.

I was downloading sims 4 onto my laptop from origin last night and dozing off at the same time so I decided it was best to just carry on in the morning and go to sleep for the time being before I fell asleep with the laptop on.. 

First thing I noticed was that my room was freezing. Since I bought my dressing gown it has been well used. It seems I have a little bit of a cold as well so I decided to light a candle and burn a bit of lavender essential oil to not only make the room smell nice but to make me feel a little better. 

Now that my sims 4 game has downloaded to around 84 percent, once that one is done I will install the two expansion packs I have. Exciting day I have planned haha!

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Friday, 22 January 2016

Spend Spend! Cheap Buy.

For quite some time now I have wanted to get myself some polymer clay and tools to see if I could make my own beads and pendants for fun. I got a starter kit from china to give it a try and also some tools separate so I have a little extra to work with. Even though the kit comes with a few tools, I always like to be the one that has a bit more to use.

I found the stuff on eBay whilst searching worldwide and although it will take a few weeks to arrive, I'm a patient person. It just means whilst everyone is out on valentines day having a nice romantic time, I will be getting creative with clay haha!

When it arrives I'll be sure to upload my first make, hopefully I don't set off my smoke alarm and try to destroy the kitchen whilst having it in the oven...

One step closer..

I have been wanting a Nintendo Wii U since it basically came out in the UK, but I couldn't afford it. Although recently I found the time to put a little spare cash by each week to raise funds for one. In the meantime I thought, why not swap some stuff for points and trade in points for the games on swapit website. So that is what I have started to do and I have just received my very first game: 

I've told myself I am not going to look at any trailers for the games I get and just wait patiently until I get the console. Although by the time I can actually afford it, I'll be rushing to buy one so my patience will be non existent! 

21st January - Good Deed Of The Day

A little bit of a late post, although when I got home from being out I was so sore and exhausted I fell asleep so catching up with a little bit of a post early today.

When I arrived in Glasgow city centre, under central bridge I noticed someone disabled like myself although he was an amputee & in a wheelchair and had a cup for money. It reminded me of my struggles, even getting outside is a hard for me. I would use my wheelchair but it isn't suitable for me where I am living at the moment.

In the end, I decided to stop by the shop and have a feel through my bag for some spare money and came across £1. When I looked in the cup he was holding he only had 20p! I really do hope he bought himself something nice and warm with the £1 as it was a dull rainy day.

Anyway, that was my good deed for yesterday. Nothing major but every little helps!

Did anyone do anything nice for someone recently?

New treat , new necklace

For anyone that actually knows me, I don't like much jewellery unless its either piercing jewellery or jewellery made by Alchemy Gothic. Occasionally I will make a bracelet or two for myself or buy a few necklaces if they draw my attention but my jewellery collection is quite small. Being small, its easier to decide what to pick though plus the pieces I have mean more to me that way.

The necklace I actually purchased was made by Alchemy Gothic and caught my attention in a shop instantly. I don't get around much due to my mobility being really limited so I took the advantage of being out to go to a Gothic / Alternative shop Osiris before going to get a taxi home. 

As you can see, it is absolutely stunning. It is the Empyrean Eye: Tears From Heaven Pendant by Alchemy Gothic. As soon as I seen it, I was completely drawn to it and just had to have it. I don't usually go for things with "pretty looking" crystals in it but this one was definitely an exception. 

Now I just need to find times to wear it..

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Snack of the day - 19th January 2016

I didn't actually have breakfast today and I missed lunch, so it is now 3:29pm and I decided to have a quick and simple snack. I've been quite fond of Tuc crackers for a good while now, but I used to have them with grated cheese until I decided to try different cheese spreads and came across Primula Original Cheese. I have to say, it is my favourite cheese spread by far but I'm cheap and hate paying £1.59 for a cheese spread so I buy it when it is reduced.

I will admit though, I do get times where I really crave it that I just give into the price but that is not often. It is an ideal snack if you are just slightly hungry and tastes delicious. Oh yes, and don't forget the paper plate if you're feeling a little bit lazy and don't want to pile up too many dishes.. I suppose you could get plastic knives as well if you wanted to to be even more lazier.

All prepared and ready to eat. 

I'd love to hear other peoples favourite things to have on Tuc crackers, so please feel free to post in the comment section. 

Attack of the Cat Fur!! - Cat Fur & Parcels...

Hi! I wan't your tape...

One of these days, my cat will accidentally get herself stuck to my tape being so curious. No idea why she tries to eat it or steal it from me but to anyone out there that has ever received a parcel from me...If you find a cat hair this is why!

So you cut that bit of tape to use.... but just as you are about to use it you realise that not only does it have cat hairs on it but it has other tiny bits on it as well so you have to cut a new bit. Then the process repeats itself over and over... 

When you are finally done, you definitely deserve a hot chocolate and a nice relax haha!! 

And the winner is .... !!!! *SOLD*

We all know that sometimes even if you get paid a decent wage, or get enough money coming in that sometimes you can still be left short so that's where a piggy bank comes in or eBay which despite fees is still ideal for making a little bit extra especially if you have a few items you could bare to part with. 

However, on this case I did sell one item on eBay but also a couple of craft supplies on Facebook. If they are going to be no use to me, no point in keeping them.. Right?

Anyway due to the recent weather and the fact I'm waiting on my new microwave arriving, I had to book my disabled bus to take me to the post office later than usual this week but I kept everyone informed of that.

This item was sold on eBay:

Drawing can be fun and can pass time well, I used to draw a lot but I don't anymore. I will admit though I wasn't that great haha....
Best to see these go to someone that can get use out of them since they are brand new!

These small bits were auctioned off in a Facebook group and got bids:

May not look like much, but it will help people make some lovely craft items. Personally I'd love to see what everyone made with any unwanted stuff I had as I love artistic minds and looking at new creations but I would be crazy if I asked them everyone to keep me posted on their new makes.

In the end , I use my small sales to cover the cost of getting my laundry done for me. No... I'm not lazy, just disabled and it takes a lot of weight off my back. So in the end after keeping others happy, it keeps me happy too! 

Brand New Cosy Dressing Gown

Well as you all know, Christmas is well gone and past again and as usual I got money to buy myself gifts but I had no idea what I wanted. Although when the cold weather came it gave me the idea to replace my very old dressing gown with a brand new and cosy fleece one.

I could just put the heating on and run up an expensive bill, although I much prefer the idea of only spending £9.99 plus £3.95 postage on a lovely cosy dressing gown. 

**not my photo** Taken from their ebay page

I ended up buying XXL so it would be really big and keep me warm. I must say though, I am very glad I bought a bigger size since I feel extremely snug and warm when wearing it although just to add to that, even my cats like cuddling into it!

It is a men's dressing gown, and I am female but that really doesn't bother me in the slightest. If it is comfy, that is all that matters.

A little close up of the fabric. As you can see I went for the grey colour. I did originally purchase black but they were out of stock in the size I wanted but went for grey instead since that was in stock. Realistically I wasn't too bothered about colour as long as it wasn't some crazy colour like pink or yellow as they really would make me look silly.

The seller is currently away and not processing orders just now otherwise I would have a link to share to buy one, however if they do become available I will definitely post a link

Return to the blog

After a nice sleep, which I will admit is something I not get often,  I have decided to come back to blogging and give it another try. I don't blog perfect,  far from.  But a lot of things lately has reminded me that writing down things every now and then isn't really so bad.  Especially when you can look back on it and think "oh I remember that!"

But as for today,  it is nice to look out the window and not see a massive amount of snow everywhere. I can't say I am a fan at all but especially if I have to go out which I will on Thursday to post a couple of parcels.

It is a new year and already 19th January. Time flies! It does seem like yesterday that it was 2015...

Anyway, random picture of the day: 

Seems my cat made a new friend out of a cushion!