Thursday, 25 July 2013

Digital Coin Counting Money Jar

Whilst browsing the internet looking for stuff for my dads birthday, I came across Digital Coin Counting Money Jar on Menkind's website and decided it would be a good idea to get one for any change me and mum have lying around. Plus it would also be a fast counter for when bagging 2p's and 1p's to exchange them at the bank! 

 I decided to test it out! Its accurate. Takes 2 AA Batteries (not included) and has a reset button under the lid and the lid easily screws off.

It was originally £9.99 but I got it for £6.99! (not including postage)
It is still available for £6.99 on their website.

Bought all for charities!!

 This is my bundle of stuff that I bought specifically to donate to charities.

Each item cost either 1p or 6p!! (free postage) I just bidded 1p and 6p on things on eBay to see what I would win. Hundreds of stuff I got outbid on, but I expected that. But some stuff I didn't.  It would cost them more to post it!

The bracelet strap things come in a pack of 20 and I got them for 88p.. Making one cost about 4p .

Close up photos:

In total, there are: 

33 Tape Measures
26 Screen Protectors For Iphones 4 & 5 
1 Sony Ericsson Screen Protector
Two one direction necklaces
Two packs of 1000 seed beads 
Dolphin Necklace
2 Packs of 5 Golf Tees
40 Bracelet Straps 

Might not seem like a lot to you, but if they sold the tape measures at £1 each, that is £33. If they sold the screen protectors for 20p each, that is £5.40. Every little counts! They will be added into small sweetie bags with 10-15 hand made jewellery items. If my mum passes any charity shops when she is out, she gives them one of the bags. I'm really grateful for her doing that for me as I can hardly walk and couldn't do it myself.

I've got some more stuff on the way for charity shops! I'll share my next bundle of goodies to hand out when they arrive. 


Handmade & Simple Accessory!

I had a hospital appointment yesterday and decided I wanted to wear a bracelet that went well with my t-shirt. I don't buy bracelets and the only jewellery I do buy are usually Alchemy Gothic Necklaces or on the rare occasion a necklace I spy on eBay. I had about 20 minutes before the taxi was coming & I was already ready to go.. So decided to get out some wooden beads, bead caps, glue, elastic and scissors and make a bracelet. 

My t-shirt had a fairy, leaves and butterflies on it so I thought wooden beads that looked natural and plain would be ideal!

This was the finished result: 

Monday, 22 July 2013

Penpals, Letters, Craft & Food Swaps!

First of all, I apologise for not writing a post for quite a while! 

I started using my Interpals account that I made ages ago. I never really used it much previously but thought I'd give it a try. I received an email saying a girl had contacted me on it so I went to check what was said and it turned out she wanted to be penpals and write letters! I hadn't wrote a letter in ages but decided at that moment I was going to start writing letters again. 
I'm glad I did. I've spoke to some nice people on there and already got myself 7 people to write to in the past month! I have to admit, I've had some rude and inappropriate messages as well.. But I just add them to my block list!

A girl I started talking to I am now exchanging crafts with. She is from Italy & she makes totally different stuff to me, as I make jewellery and bath stuff and recently started on lip balms & healing balms. I have no idea what she is sending me, so it will be a surprise when I get it but to be honest I'm really looking forward to receiving it! I've sent off a lip balm, bath salts (fragranced and with oils) and a soap to her, so I hope she likes them! Soap is a nice orange colour and smells sweet with a slight floral hint to it but I'm glad I made extras because I really liked the smell myself and have been using one of the extra ones I made.
This is her facebook page:

She does speak some English so if you are interested in some stuff send her a message!  

As well as a craft swap ongoing, I am doing a snack swap with a girl from America. We limited it to 5 snacks each. I just have to send her some Scottish Tablet & Macaroon!! 
Its exciting doing something different. I guess its like beauty boxes that send random items per month , you don't know what you're going to get. But I'm more looking forward to these because I feel they're more personal. 

 Maybe I'll find more people to do swaps with in the future? 
 I hope so!!
Does anyone else have pen pals? Do you swap stuff? :) 

Monday, 15 July 2013

Sharing Some Discount Codes!

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