Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Graze Special Codes For New Members Only

I received some free graze codes added in with one of my orders from Amazon & I thought I'd share them on here for anyone who hasn't yet tried a graze box.

Graze have lots of different box types to choose from and there is also a section where you can choose what you would like to receive and what you wouldn't want to try. Once signed up you can also edit your dietary preferences to suit you which is really handy. They send nutritious snack boxes by post and you can even start a subscription if you like the boxes. 

The codes I have are to try a free box. You could either use them yourself or share them with a friend. 

Here are the codes: 

Two other codes I have are:

I already signed up to Graze ages ago, so cannot redeem these as I'm not a new member. 

If you make use of these codes, I hope you enjoy your free graze box!

Amazon Order Arrived! - Amie Products.

After being unable to find my cleanser and toner, I decided it was time to buy a new one. Not entirely sure how it managed to vanish as its not exactly a tiny bottle but no doubt it will turn up at some point.

I noticed amazon did Amie 2-in-1 Petal Perfect Cleanser and Toner 200 ml for £4.95 free postage if you spend £10 or more, so I decided to try out two other Amie products. 

My order came to £14.85 for all 3 items & was actually meant to be here yesterday as they attempted to deliver but I didn't hear them chap the door so I only received it today. Considering I placed the order on the 13th and I received it on the 18th which is pretty fast. I got myself Amie Radiant Dawn Exfoliating Face Wash 150 ml and Amie Morning Light Hydrating Daily Moisturiser 100 ml as well as the cleanser and toner mentioned previously. 

 I decided to try the Exfoliating Daily Wash followed by the Hydrating Daily Moisturiser and then my skin felt nice and clean but also soft. I had a bit of dry skin near my nose and that doesn't seem as bad anymore. Not bad from one use of each product. I need to get back to cleansing my face more and using moisturisers then hopefully it will take care of any skin problems. I have really sensitive skin, to the point that a lot of products that say suitable for sensitive skin still make me break out.. So I now prefer to buy natural products as they seem to be better for me. 

Overall really pleased. I cant wait to get back to using the cleanser and toner but lets hope this one doesnt vanish like the other one!! Can't complain at all for the price of each one with them being natural products. All of the above are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.