Thursday, 31 January 2013

Dear readers

I will be holding my first blog giveaway when I reach 20 followers . Only at 5 at the moment . Will be UK entries only and only followers can enter!

Free Percy & Reed with glamour

Just a little info taken from my recent glamour magazine . Free Percy & Reed hair product plus free 36 page mag - your guide to everything beauty in association with L'Oréal Paris in the glamour magazine on sale march 4th!

Bzz.. What?

So I eventually heard of BzzAgent! Whats that? I'll tell you. It's a site where you get invited to try products for free & if you share your opinion about them they'll invite you to try even more!!

I made an account a week ago and already I've been invited to try my first campaign. I have a lot of allergies so I am curious to see how this turns out. 

My first campaign was to try vanish oxi action fabric stain remover.

I've never used it before so that is good! Look forward to trying it.

Why don't you check out BzzAgent yourself and maybe do some campaigns?

Some recent bits up for swaps!

Here are some photos of some items I have recently uploaded to or I have added more than this but this is just an example. 

My username on both sites is Apricotie so come find me & lets do some swaps :)

never used eyeshadow

watched once

never worn glass necklace

brand new scarf

Icicles nail varnish by MeMeMe - Never Used

hello kitty pouch never used
new in pack

iron on patch

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

99p Dvd Buys!

I have quite a collection of dvds building up! I get them from ebay, poundland, and through swaps and occasionally other sites if I cant get a better deal elsewhere. 

At the moment, on ebay I tend to search for new dvds only, under £1, free postage to see if I can snipe a good bargain. Costs them more to post anyway but still no harm in trying otherwise someone else may get them! 

So after bidding on a few dvds at 99p or £1, I ended up winning these two :

Both new and sealed. 99p each free postage. I was amazed when one turned up signed for. I'm quite fussy with movies and I'm not really a big fan of comedy / romance but if I don't like a dvd I swap it on bigwardrobe.

My Favourite Jewellery Pieces I Own

I thought I would share with everyone my favourite jewellery pieces. I dont own a lot of jewellery but the necklaces shown below are my favourites. I do not wear earrings, rings, toe rings and rarely wear bracelets. I wear stainless steel horseshoe hoops in my ears & one spiral 2mm stretcher in each ear instead of earrings. I seemed to react to silver/gold plated or real silver/gold earrings so stainless steel & spiral wins.

Necklace 1 :

This is my favourite piece. I bought this a few years ago for £29.99. I like spider design things or cobweb patterns so this jumped out at me right away. I bought it from Osiris in Glasgow but they have a website :

Necklace 2: 

This necklace I also bought from Osiris. Its quite a recent buy but I seen it and thought it was really nice. I'd previously saved up quite a bit of pennies for January sales but I didn't see anything online that caught my eye so decided to treat myself to this when I was out. This was £29.99.

Necklace 3:

Necklace 1 , 2 & 3 have all been Alchemy Gothic necklaces. This is smaller than the other two an was also cheaper. I bought this on eBay for £14.99 and 99p postage. For 99p postage I didn't expect it to be sent recorded 1st or 2nd class signed for. Its basic compared to the previous 2 necklaces but a nice design. The seller sells other Alchemy Gothic necklaces so here is the link if you want to have a browse: Click here to go to the sellers eBay profile

Necklace 4:

This is a totally different type of necklace altogether but I do wear it quite often. I bought this on eBay quite a while back for around 60p from china! Bargain. Although I ended up getting a refund because it didn't arrive then eventually arrived 2 and a half months after buying it.. So really i didn't pay for it. I wonder where it went to during that 2 and a half months? 

Well what do you think ? Do you have any favourite most worn jewellery pieces? Recent Order & Review

I haven't had the best of luck with Everything5Pounds unfortunately. I've made quite a lot of orders with them and had to return half or more of the stuff I have ever bought. Very disappointing when the items you buy are then out of stock so you cannot exchange them for the same item. 

I once returned a pair of trousers with a broken zip for exchange to receive the same pair back. They say it wasn't the same pair but they were out of stock - then all of a sudden in stock & when I bought a pair they were out of stock again. They don't restock all their items only sometimes restock some but I thought it was too much of a coincidence. Especially when the zip was broken the exact same way. 

If it wasn't for the free returns label for faulty items, I would have probably stopped buying a long time ago. No other company that I have bought from often has sent me so many faulty stuff.

Anyway.. Here is my most recent order: 

Shoes look nice aye? That's why I bought them in the first place. Please excuse my cat posing in the photo. 

Now here is the big disappointment... 

With the beige shoes: 

Who munched the side of my shoe?

Thats not supposed to be there...

Nice marks in the shoe..

whatever that is , it wont come off

Again more marks , dents , scratches

I see a pattern here..

More scratches

Few more dents

So.. Those shoes are being returned! 

And for the other pair: 

Who scraped at my heel?

Spot the difference with the shape of the bottom of the shoe?

Why did i receive shoes so dusty looking? Also.. Notice the line marks that shouldn't be there?

This photo is just to show that the above show has line marks that shouldn't be there.

Well the first pair of shoes were definitely in the worst condition out of the two but either way both pair of shoes have faults.

So if this was your order and you received items in this condition, how would you feel and what would your reaction be?

Also if you were constantly receiving faulty items and only some good from a company how would you feel? Would you buy from them again even if they had a free post returns label?

Calling OPI Fans!

So buyapowa have a nice little deal on for any OPI fans out there so I thought I would share it with you! CLICK HERE TO GO TO BUYAPOWA.COM

Monday, 28 January 2013

Parcel finally arrived

After being redirected to the right sorting office as it ended up in east kilbride, I finally received my everything 5 pounds order. 

Guess what? Its being returned! 

Both pair of shoes have damages including scuffs on the heels, glue on the material and scrapes down the sides of the shoes. I'm actually getting fed up with this company now. I've ordered quite a bit from them in the past and I've had to return over half maybe 3/4 of everything I've ever ordered due to items being faulty. If it wasn't for the free returns label I would have given up ages ago but it is so time wasting and annoying!! Especially when the items are sold out so you cant exchange them for a new pair of the same item :(

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Ebay Seller Issues!!

Angry isn't the word for it. I paid & received an item and even left feedback and two weeks later he opened an unpaid item case for the 5 items I bought from him. I thought "Maybe PayPal messed up?" so I checked PayPal and the transaction is complete so he has been paid for it. Unfortunately the seller is one of those ones that takes about 4-5 days to respond to your messages even though hes a business! 

I spoke to eBay live chat and they said as long as the payment has been paid through PayPal I don't have to worry about my account. Any credits will be removed.

I shouldn't have to go through that in the first place! What is the seller playing at :(

Rant over.. Thank you for listening.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Parcel to be delivered... Or not!

I received a email from Royal Mail this morning telling me that my parcel was at the depot and would be delivered today. Luckily they added a contact number to the email for me to phone because the depot my parcel was at was in East Kilbride. I am at the west end of glasgow which is not near East Kilbride. My first thought was "OH NO!" I thought maybe my parcel had the wrong address put on it from the company so I contacted them to find out what happened and gave them the tracking number... 

After that phonecall, it turns out it was scanned wrong and will be relocated to the depot near me and I should have it Monday. Good job I don't have plans!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Bargain Buy!!

Bought this skirt on eBay from a seller for £6 and £2 postage . It was £15 on boohoo but is now sold out so £8 was a bargain. I'm going to get some material to add an under-layer to it though as its very see-through and i don't really fancy wearing a see-through skirt!

I usually go for rara skirts but seen this and really liked it - like it even more in person though so dont mind that I will need to add an underlayer. I prefer to keep fully covered wont wear a skirt without leggings and wont wear anything that shows too much. I don't understand how other people can do it - it's just not nice.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Disney Buys!

Well it was christmas time and i got mainly money so I decided to go and buy myself something i had been wanting for a long time but never actually went out and bought - Pocahontas 1 & 2 and Mulan 1 & 2 on DVD. I bought them online on eBay and Amazon - all brand new sealed but have now been watched once and will get watched many times over as I think they are great Disney movies.

This is the musical masterpiece edition - contains the full length original film & musical modes. This was £7.10.
This I got for £4.25 so it was the cheapest dvd out of the 4 that i bought! Bargain since it was new.
Was really happy when my Pocahontas DVDs arrived. I still have my Videos but I thought it was about time to get them on dvd instead and get rid of my videos so i can use the space for something else. This one cost me £7.25.

This dvd cost £6.50.

Overall cost me £25.10. Although I'm delighted!  I could have got them cheaper buying pre-owned but I wanted to get these ones new. The rest of my Disney collection I will most likely swap for. They all arrived around the same time so I ended up having a lazy day in bed watching Disney films which made up for the fact I wasn't feeling very well that day.