Sunday, 29 September 2013

A BIG Congratulations...

Congratulations to Julie Fletcher for being the winner of my very first giveaway.


I hope more people will enter future giveaways!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Lextia Discount Code - Jewellery Online Shop!

Lextia is an online based shop with lots of jewellery. They even have sets that you could match to your favourite outfits!

Until 31/12/13 they are giving people the chance to enjoy 20% off  which is great for anyone who is looking to buy someone jewellery for Christmas.

All you have to do, is enter "vpbjnshx" in the shopping cart at:

Some of the stuff on their website:

Photos taken from their website to advertise. I do not own these photos :) 

Madam Rage £5 Clothes Sale!

Don't miss out on the Madam Rage £5 Sale! 

Items reduced to £5 from an original price of £18-£28

Some of the items: 

 Photos taken from their website.

Friday, 27 September 2013

More Parcels Arrived!

I've been planning to start baking again and recently I decided I wanted to start making paper beads. Some of the stuff has already arrived which is good but its just the beginning as I still have plenty more to arrive.

 These are two of these sets of cutters that I bought. Both packs were 99p each free postage. Bargain!!
 One is a set of 3 different size stars and the others pack contains a set 3 different size flowers.
This was also 99p with free postage.

 The glitter pens I got for when I make paper beads at 99p free postage and for that price it was really good! Not just that but they arrived next day so thats fantastic delivery. 

I also got this cutting mat for the same reason, for when I make paper beads. It may also come in handy for other things too. This cost £3.40 with free postage so again a very good buy. 
These Mica Powders were on offer, buy 4 get one free! I use these for soap making, wax melt making and for other toiletries so they will get used. They were £1.25 each but for 4 the total was £5 + £1.95 Postage. Although it probably only cost 69p to post but still a good price for mica powders.

Other mail that I received was free samples: 

3 Tea Samples. I don't drink tea or coffee but occasionally I get tea and coffee samples for my mum to try. 

That is all the mail I got today!
Hopefully tomorrow brings some more.

Testing My New Incense Sticks!

I recently got a new incense holder as previously posted but I never had any incense sticks to use with it. I only had incense cones. After browsing ebay, I managed to find a seller selling 200 incense sticks for £4.98 and you can mix and match which I thought was really good but in the end I just chose the "Mega Mix" which included some of all the scents!

I found I had to trim the edge slightly before putting it into my holder as they were a bit too long for my holder. 

Im actually so glad I bought this holder. I really like it and its good to be able to use both incense cones and sticks as previously i only had a small ceramic dish for incense cones so this is much better!

I've used a couple of incense sticks in it so far and even the cats come in sniffing the room.

For the price of 200 incense sticks for £4.95, it was certainly a good price! 
I get 100 incense cones for £3.75 usually & since I have lots of tealight candles as well and make wax melts its safe to say things last a while!

One Day Left To Enter The Giveaway!!





Recent Swap - Swapped For A Dvd & Cd!

Swaps have been a little quiet lately, quite sad really since I love to swap and there's so much I'd like to swap for (not just for myself) 

However, recently I did do a swap with another fantastic swapper for the following items: 

I only had Transformers 1, so it meant I had to buy the 2nd one which I didnt mind at all! I quite enjoyed watching the first one so I will be watching the other two today. 

As for the papa roach cd, I didn't actually own any of their cd's before now despite knowing about their music. I used to have barely any cd's but I decided to start collecting more cds including cds from magazines like rocksound etc. 

This is what I gave to her for the dvd & cd: 

She's left feedback now so I guess now it is my turn to leave feedback! I will watch the both the transformers movies (one i bought & one from the swap) then leave feedback. 

If you use for swapping then you should check out her swap page:

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Giveaway - Only 2 days left!!

So there is only 2 days left to the giveaway.

And I'd like more people to enter!! 

Click the button on the tab bar on any page of my blog :) 

Remember, I will do future giveaways & better ones but only if I get more entries.


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

High Flyers August 2013 Glossybox

I got this box with July's box in an offer for 2 for £15. Their boxes are usually £10 + £2.95 postage. I cant say I was impressed with the contents at all because most I would never use. They have beauty profiles and well.. it would appear they don't get acknowledged since I would have much preferred philosophy or the eucerin aquaphor to the makeup stuff and eyelash curlers..

 Opening the box..
The box contains a leaflet that has some information from Glossybox & includes the contents information, their full size price & subscription offer which i will share below!
I also got this welcome to glossybox card with the box.

Item 1:
 Urban Veda Natural Skincare Tumeric + Bontanics Radiance Day Cream. 10ml
This is founded on ancient Indian principles according to the leaflet. This is really the only item in the box I was interested to try. The fact that it was natural skincare stood out to me. It retails at £14.99 for 50ml making this worth approx £3.

Visit to receive 20% off your first order, enter code GlossyB (Expires 01/12/13)

Item 2: 
Emite Makeup Eye Lash Curlers
 What?! £20 RRP for eyelash curlers? I've never actually used eyelash curlers before but I certainly wouldn't pay £20 for some.. But that's just me. 

No discount codes for this one.

Item 3:
Jelly Pong Pong 2 in 1 Shadow / Liner
 I think people got this in different shades. I got black although I'll never use it. Full size £10.50. This item is from the UK. 

 Item 4: 
TRESemme Keratin Smooth Concentrated Treatment Shot

This treatment is supposed to return sun, sea, salt and chlorine weathered hair to summer goddess glory. In that case being indoors most the time this is no good to me either. Full size 15ml for £1.49. This item is from the USA.

Item 5:
Oceane Makeup Remover Pen
 Well since I don't wear makeup, this isn't any use to me either. This is from Brazil and isn't yet available in the UK. I have no idea about the price as their website is in a different language.

OVERALL..  I would only use one of the items worth £3. Looks like I'll be swapping the rest. I should probably just stick to latest in beauty boxes if i see any I like or any that show spoilers before hand because I'm far too picky and end up with so much I wont use.


New glasses charms turned into earrings

New glasses charms arrived today & I was curious to see what they would look like as earrings. 

 I won them in an auction on ebay, pack of 100 charms. They're silver tone plastic charms. 

 I will most likely add some to the blog sale eventually in case anyone is interested but not sure when yet. If someone wants some sooner though, be sure to let me know.

This was the outcome from making them into earrings. I will probably add some pairs of these into a charity bags to have handed out to charities nearby just as a good deed as I do sometimes make jewellery to raise money for charities.  

6 New Dvds

I decided to have a look online to see if I could find some dvds on ebay that I havent already got. I'm sure there are plenty but these were a random selection I picked out. 

 Before now, I had only heard of one of them: the art of war. Although that is because I think I have it already somewhere which means I'll need to go hunting through my dvds to see if I can find it as I have some in my bedroom and the living room but it can't be far!

Bit of a bargain that I got them all for only £6 total!

I also have an ongoing swap for another dvd & cd although I'll save that for a separate post :) 

I must say, I do like watching new movies. Usually if I like something I tell my mum to watch it and it gives her something to watch as well.

Seaside Splash July 2013 Glossybox

A little late to post I know but I didn't get the box until later on with an offer for 2 boxes for £15 not including postage & that is me just getting round to post about them now! Sorry about that.

However, I must admit I did like the box design for this box and will most likely use it for storing things. 

Although I must admit, I should have probably looked up the contents of both boxes before getting them because if I did I wouldn't have spent the money for both of them since a lot of the products were just not me at all.  

I know its supposed to be a surprise but I really only like beauty boxes for skin care, hair care & bath toiletries so I'm pretty picky. 

 As you can see it comes with a little leaflet. It has a little message from glossybox inside and asks for support for a charity run, not sure if it has passed though. Inside tells you about the products, full size price, how to apply them and where to find them. On the back had a code for 50% off shoe store but its invalid now.. Although I don't need any more shoes haha! 

 As you can see I received 6 items. 

Item 1:
Alterna Haircare Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist
 This I must say I'm curious about. My hair has a mind of its own. Sometimes its quite flat looking, other times I look like a fur ball. I'm not entirely sure if it would do anything for my hair but I will give it a try eventually. 
This is 25ml. You can buy full size 125ml for £23 making this worth around £4.60.

Item 2.
Coola Organic Suncare Collection - Coola Mineral Face SPF 20 Rose Essence Tint
Considering I spend over 95% of my time indoors.. I can't say this is really for me at all. As far as suncream goes, I found even a factor 100 suncream did nothing for me and I still burn. Never did figure out why.
This is 7ml. Full size is 50ml for £29.99 making this worth around £4.20.

Item 3:
Essie Sleek Sticks
 Another thing I won't use. I will admit, I do paint my nails but quite rare although as far as stickers go since I have no idea how to apply them properly I'd most likely end up wasting something like this if I tried it. It just isn't really me though to use something like this.
These are the stickers and stones one which you can buy for £11.99. 

Item 4: 
Anatomicals Spray Mist For Me Facial Spritz
 I've been quite curious to try one of this brands products so I'm quite happy I'm getting the chance to. My skin probably needs something like this just now. This is 100ml which is also full size which you can buy for £6. 

Item 5 & 6:
Sleek Makeup Pout Paint

Pout paint, again not for me. However the RRP for one of these is £4.99. This one was in shade 161 Minx.

This one is 156 Peachy Keen.

With the box value as £36.77, I really cannot complain buying two boxes for £15 + postage. I'll most likely just swap the items I won't use for stuff I will use. The two items I will use value £10.60 so I'm happy with that!


New Dragon Incense Burner

I absolutely LOVE dragon and other fantasy / gothic ornaments so this dragon incense burner was ideal for me. 
I did see another one before finding this that I really liked, although problem was it was from America which meant expensive shipping and custom charges so I decided not to go for that one.
I love candles and incense stuff but I previously only had a round ceramic incense holder for cones and I wanted to start using incense sticks as well. My mum said "I dont see why you're spending so much just to use it for burning incense stuff" but I just wanted it to fit in with my other ornaments. 
This was the dragon incense burner I bought:

 There is a hole just under the crystal ball for incense sticks to be put into & I will also be using this for burning my cones on.

Close ups: 

This cost £12.95 + £2.95 delivery totalling £15.90 which I thought was really good. The holder was sent well packaged when sent. I bought it on amazon. Here is the link:

Now to get burning some incense cones and sticks!