Sunday, 31 March 2013

Iphone now sold

First iphone we sold to my mums friend for £150. Second one went on ebay for a buy it now price of £196. Phones were in immaculate condition though. With ebay & paypal fees we really only get around £165 (not sure exactly) but still mum is happy with that.

She wanted to give me the money for my phone but she pays the contract and won't take money from me so I refuse to accept the money from the phone being sold. She says she'll just put it in my bank account so it looks like there are going to be several transactions of me transferring it back and her sending it again haha! 

Happy easter everyone !! 
Don't eat too much chocolate. 

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Iphone 4 For Sale

My mum is selling her Iphone 4 on ebay. Immaculate Condition! Ending in 2 days 23 hours... On 3 network.

Here is the auction link:

Summerberries & Apple Blossom Bath Bomb Heaven!

I like Bath Bombs.. but what I don't like is the prices of Bath Bombs in shops. I decided to make my own instead. Works out a lot cheaper.

A while back I got silicone moulds, colouring , fragrances and some other stuff for soap making so i thought to myself "Well I already have the fragrances & colouring now all I need for basic bath bombs is bicarbonate of soda , citric acid, round moulds and oils if i wanted to add some" .. So away I went & got some. 

Instead of going for bigger bath bomb moulds I got these: 

It was actually a pack of 4 round ice cube moulds . They flip open but I think I'm going to cut the bit that holds the top to the bottom so i can just slide the top off since getting the bath bombs out when flipping it up is a bit too awkward & it starts to pull the halves apart (as you can see below)  I've had them in a bag for a while so they started to stick together. I gave a couple to my mums friend last night because she loved the smell of them & on her way home she bumped into a friend, made her smell them and her friend said it smelt like one of the smells you'd smell walking into LUSH shop!! It feels good knowing I can spend less to make my own bath bombs and that other people like them. I only planned to just make them for myself which is why I went for smaller round ice cube moulds as I wasn't looking for anything fancy, but I have a funny feeling my mums friend may be back looking to buy some. I've recently bought some new scents and some other oils for making them so more to experiment with even though I already have quite a bunch of fragrances I just couldn't resist scents like sticky toffee, candyfloss, buttercream, banoffee pie, cookie dough, coconut ice, jellybean, winter wonderland etc.

3 of the summerberries & apple blossom bath bombs that are left. Not sure what I'll try next but definitely going to separate the top part of the mould from the bottom so i can get them out more easier.

Even my cats approve of my toiletries at bath time. Blaze lies next to the bath & falls asleep when its bath time & Spyro falls asleep on the toilet pan on a towel.....

Vanish Oxi Actions Test & Results

I received Vanish Oxi Action as one of my Bzz Campaigns From BzzAgent. I'll explain who they are further down the blog post. 

I decided to try it out with 5 different stains and see what was left on the t-shirt I used. I used a plain white t-shirt. Cheap t-shirt but does the job! I put Beetroot Juice, Vimto, Peanut Butter, Brown Sauce & Pen Marks on the t-shirt. Left the t-shirt in the kitchen on the counter for 5 hours so the stains were no longer "new stains". 




As you can see, it was only the pen marks left on the t-shirt so the Vanish Oxi Action removed 4 out of 5 of the marks on the t-shirt which is really good. I'll be sure to keep the rest aside in case it is ever needed. 

About Bzz Agent:

You can make an account, complete surveys & be invited to campaigns to receive samples of stuff to try out and review. You do NOT have to pay for the samples, all they ask is that you review them and share your opinion with others etc. 

The better the reviews and more reviews you make, the more you get invited to campaigns to try other stuff. 

For more information head over to their website : 

Friday, 22 March 2013

Refunded Eventually.. For One Item

I had to escalate the case for the mouldy item i received to eBay for them to sort it out and hopefully give me a refund since I wasn't getting anywhere with the seller as far as they were concerned they have a return policy and is not their problem. I'm sorry but it is the sellers problem when they are sending out mouldy items. Disgusting! Ebay issued me with a full refund so I can now throw it in the bin. Finally. 

That is one item problem sorted.

Next case to sort is for an item where the seller was removed from eBay due to low feedback , eBay glitch says i haven't paid when PayPal says I have and its complete and I paid through eBay so I had to open a case on PayPal to say the item wasn't received since I couldn't on eBay because it was saying I didn't pay!! I tried to contact the seller no response & he didn't pick up the phone.. Up to PayPal now to get it sorted so I should get refunded for that as well.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Music!! I Have Music!!

So after getting my new replacement phone since the new contract one was faulty, I finally have music on my SD card in the phone! Which clearly shows it was a problem with the phone originally and not all 6 of my SD cards that I tried.

Quite pleased with myself as well, I actually got a screen protector on my phone without bubbles. Usually my phone ends up looking like a Dalmatian & I have to put a different one on that again ends up looking like a Dalmatian or sometimes I end up lucky 2nd time round and it doesn't look too bad.. 

So I have around 11GB space to fill up with apps & my 64gb card to fill with music , photos etc. Since the website said it took a 32gb card I wasn't expecting it to accept a 64gb card. I bought a 64gb micro SD card for my camera but ended up giving it a try in my phone just to see if it worked or not and it did! I don't really need that much space for my camera but I was going to get one and keep it in an adapter and put aside for any occasions just in case something comes up. Even though I most likely won't need it any time soon, never say never right? 

 Well hopefully my phone runs better and with no faults now! 

*Fingers Crossed*

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Temporary Phone.

So I'm back to using my old phone, iPhone 4. The reason for this is, we got a new phone for the next contract and picked the Sony Xperia Z. Unfortunately mine was faulty and corrupted any files put onto a sd card. I tried 6 cards and a few of them I put into mums phone & things transferred fine but once put into my phone everything corrupt. It was like my phone was just not accepting a sd card at all.

So until tomorrow I'll be using my iPhone until my new replacement one gets delivered. I sure hope its got no faults.

Mysterious Dvd Parcel No Longer Mysterious!

Got an ebay message from a seller the other day telling me that they were sorry but the dvd I originally bought got damaged & they sent me 3 dvds in its place. They also said if that wasn't okay then they would give me a full refund.

 Although they should have informed me before sending out random dvds to me I let them off with it. Only because I didn't already have any of them!

That now solves the mystery of not knowing where they were from.


My recent empties

Two recent empty toiletry products!  I've got quite a lot to go through so things take a while to go down, but these are what I've now used up.. 
WILKO BATH CREME BATHE RELAX SOAK - I got this for under £1
L'OCCITANE HYDRATION CREAM - I received this in a beauty box previously & I do really like it.  I have another 2 that I have also received in other boxes so no need to buy it any time soon.


I have some more stuff almost used up but using different stuff makes things last that little bit longer. 

Have you had any recent empties? 

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Received Something I Didn't Order

A little bit confused. 
Yesterday I received a parcel that was 3 dvds that I didn't order or win on ebay.

There was no invoice in with it , no returns address & I'm not even sure how they had my address? Maybe a previous order? Although a note would have been nice. At least I could have thanked them. 

Or maybe it was a mistake? 

I guess I'll never know.


A Bit Worried

Got patch testing tomorrow  to see what I'm allergic to. My allergies are getting a lot worse but not all show up with rashes, others I'm sick with & I've even took a seizure with Garlic. So you can see why I'm a bit worried.

I have to keep them on for 2 days so my mum will be monitoring me just in case I take another severe reaction.

I had plans to try out hair chalking, test vanish oxi action and some other stuff this weekend but I've just not been in the mood :( Will have to get it done once this allergy testing is all done and over with.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Latest In Beauty Free Delivery !!

Free delivery this weekend at using the code FREEDEL17 at checkout!! 

Rude ... Rude People..

So I came across a very rude member on swapz today who sent me this message: 

'u mustt be the scruffest person ever seelling lipstik wat uve robed out shop or watever u bad tramp get a job n stopp trynaaswapp fuking shit'

Now i'll explain the above comment. 

I got quite a good bargain on tester lipsticks online. Since I don't work because of a lot of health problems including struggling to walk , swapping is my hobby so I thought they'd be good to swap. I don't want much for them as they're testers and not originals but if someone can be happy with say 4 tester lipsticks rather than paying full price for 2 then that's good especially when the lipsticks are the same size. My mum posts my parcels since I can't walk to a post office. Sometimes I even add in them FREE with swaps. 

So from the above you can see the following:

I bought them to swap
I sometimes even give them out free
I don't work because I can barely walk

So the member just assumed they were stolen. Not realizing you can get testers free with some companies, others sell them at a lower price & you can also buy them wholesale online. And telling me to get a job was not needed either. I'd have been looking for animal work long before now or even working with animals if I could walk.

Not a very good start to the weekend.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Ebay troubles

I've been having some more ebay troubles. 

The company that sent me a laptop cooling stand covered in mould is refusing to pay for the return of the item. Its in a disgusting condition (I previously posted photos) and by rights I should never have received that in the first place. I bought a new one not a mouldy one. It was their problem not mine. The box wasn't sealed so the item could have been checked before sending.

They said they would give me a full refund if I returned the item but the item cost £7.95 but its going to cost £3.50 to return it and they wont cover the return cost. 

Why should I pay £3.50 for this: 

I should never have received that an item in that condition that is just going to go in the bin. 

Also with another seller , the seller got removed from ebay as the feedback ended up in the minus region and he got removed from ebay and didn't respond to any of my emails or answer the phone calls. So I've had to claim my money back through paypal . 

So fed up with this !!  

Ebay problems are getting a bit more frequent.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Giveaway At 25 Followers!


All entries must be followers but the giveaway will start once I reach 25 Followers.

At the moment I'm only at 9 so still a long way off yet. 

Entries must be UK only.

Any followers I haven't already followed please post your link so I can follow you back. 
I was originally only giving away 3 items but I changed it from a bracelet to earrings and added in an extra .

These will be the items given away once 25 followers are reached : 

Nail art sheet


Collection 2000 Aubergine Eyeshadow
AND...... .... 
Silver plated earrings
AND... will even throw in a pack of crystal soil as an extra freebie:

They are green, as you can see a bit cloudy although they have never been used.. all you have to do is empty them into a colander or strainer and thoroughly rinse with water then drain before using. You may find they do get cloudy or discoloured over time but if you give them a rinse they should be good to use again. You can use it in place of soil for your houseplants and in place of water for your cut flowers and can also use it for decoration in a bowl etc.

Here are some examples of its use:

The above 3 photos are taken from the internet!

So when the time comes to hold the giveaway it will be a nail art sheet, eyeshadow, earrings & a pack of green crystal soil!  Get following!! x

Three Dvds Newly Received & A Lovely Little Surprise!

These are the 3 dvds I received:

All were bought from sellers on ebay. It may only be 3 but still 3 more that were added to my collection.

But my mum got me a nice surprise & gave it to me when the asda delivery arrived. 

Its a bit early but she seen it for £1 and thought why not?! 

Isn't she a nice mum?!

My Choice Of Xperia Z Accessories

I already bought some, but I am awful at applying them and managed to mess up one before getting one on any phone or even my nintendo ds so it is always wise me having plenty of them! 

Since its a new phone the screen protectors and cases for the phones aren't bargain prices but they're decent for a starter. 

My phone is having to be returned because I received a faulty phone for a new contract phone so but I've got a screen protector on the phone for the mean time since I always put one on straight away. 

 I got a pack of 10 on amazon for £2.30 and £1.49 postage which totaled £3.79 which was a not bad price. These are anti glare screen protectors. 

This was the case I got for my phone although I really didn't like it. It was very rough at the bottom and felt horrible. I actually had to file it down with my nail file!! I didn't get the touch pen with it but instead a screen protector. I've purchased a new case though for when my replacement phone arrives .

A Swap Made For A Dvd.

So I swapped this:

 To receive this :
Now the original swap was a necklace for this and the phone charm for a shower gel but she then told me later on that she made a mistake and it wasn't shower gel but instead bubble bath so I only did the swap for the dvd. 

The dvd was used but the disk arrived loose and badly scratched so probably wasn't clicked into the case properly. I sent the phone charm anyway :) I've not played the dvd yet so no idea if it works or not but we shall see.

Ducky Gang!

My sister needed a cheering up & I always seem to know how to make her cheer up. 

There was a bit of personal problems so I thought "Right lets get her something to cheer her up.. something that will make her laugh". I didn't have a clue what to get her though but it soon became clear. 

We lead to the conversation of her saying she was going for a bath and she needed to get a rubber ducky. So I thought .. I wonder if there are "Evil" rubber duckies that you can buy anywhere as a little joke gift. I searched evil rubber duckies and I got Villain ones! Perfect. Her own little gang of ducks to solve all her problems. Well not really but its still a crazy thought to cheer someone up. 

She already said shes going to make room round the bath for them. I buy the unexpected but I try to make meanings of my gifts. This time it was because she said she needed a rubber ducky & she was in a bad mood so I gave her 6 villain rubber duckies so she can have a blast with them. Although I do think her kids will probably want them haha! 

February Natural Beauty Box & My Honest Opinion

So My Natural Beauty Box from Canada arrived. First impressions, I really didn't think it had the wow factor that the previous boxes had and I thought it was a bit disappointing compared to them. The value was less although I didn't mind since it was still more than what I paid although 4 maybe 5 of the products I wont use. The UK subscription is £19.50 for a month.

You can find out more information here:

My natural beauty box AND my natural beauty store order.

The contents of the box (except the burst at the side)

This is a Beauty Without Cruelty Premium Botanical Lotion Extra Rich Fragrance Free Hand & Body Treatment which is 100& Vegan/Vegetarian & Summer Breeze Whipped Sugar Scrub By Selma Valentne. I'm really unsure of the smell of the hand and body treatment though.. The Hand & Body Treatment sample is worth $3.50 and the scrub is worth $3

This I was extremely disappointed about. Before I purchased these boxes , the website said that the boxes would NOT include any sample sachets as part of the box and if they did they would be extras and not part of what is on the list. Now they have changed it to "foil samples will be included at times, but there won't be more than 2 per box" although further down the what is it & what you get page it says "All samples in The Natural Beauty Box are deluxe, meaning they're very usable (at least .1 oz with the exception of vials for perfumes) and aren't in those one time use foil sample packs." meaning products wouldn't be in one use foil sample packs? Im a bit confused and feel like ive been very mislead as its been changed once my box was purchased.  I've loved all their previous boxes but this was a bit of a disappointment.  Apparently the Tao Of Man Sample is $2.50 and the Jadience one is $1.50.

These two products I most likely will not use. I dont like blush probably more so because I am very pale and the Just Pure one is a blush but it barely had anything in it. The Overall Beauty Minerals is an eyeshadow. The blush sample values $2 and the eyeshadow $3.30.

These are Wine Delights Beer Natural Extra Nourishing & Hydrating Shampoo and Kynk Naturals Argan Oil. The sample of the beer shampoo is worth $6.50 and the argan oil I'm not sure about as there was 3 Kynk Naturals samples sent out and it said the value ranged between $3 and $14.

This smells lovely - Pharmacopia Verbena Soap. This sample is worth $2.50.

Scentuals 100% Natural Handmade Soap sample values $2.. Now the past boxes have had soaps as well.. Cupcake soap, gingerbread soap & pumpkin soap and now two more soaps..

If you click on that and read it then you will understand my confusion with some of the items in this box.

The box is meant to value $40.80 which is around £27. Overall .. I find this box a big disappointment. Apologies if anyone dislikes my opinion but I just thought I'd be honest. Even though I only paid £19.50 with the disappointment of the foil samples, the blush looking almost empty and that i didn't feel the "wow sensation" that I did with other boxes. I really hope the next box will be a lot better & that they go back to not having foil samples in the boxes like it stated before when I bought the boxes and the foil samples were added as an extra if any but not counted as the items in the box. I really really liked their boxes and this has been the first one I was disappointed with so I'm hoping things change next month.

What do you think of this box? 

Natural Beauty Store Order

Add caption

This face cream is $33.00. I use it for my hands as I found it worked well when my eczema breaks out and my hands start healing after cracking and getting all horrible. The pot is 2 oz so will last a while.

These body washes were just a little treat for myself!
The thing I liked about BURST toiletries is you can pick the scents & extras to add into the toiletries & different sizes of the products. I previously received a body wash from the natural beauty box that was lemon lime & peppermint and I am convinced it smelt like starburst.

I got a strawberry scent body wash 4 oz.
A white chocolate body wash 4 oz.

& a strawberry and vanilla body wash 4 oz

All sound pretty tasty! And smell yummy as well. 

Overall my order cost $59.00 but I got a bit off the price with the review points I received for reviewing previous items and boxes taking the price down to $55.05 which turned out to be £36.15 which I thought was pretty good especially since they aren't products from the UK.  It arrived with my monthly beauty box so plenty of stuff to try.