Monday, 4 March 2013

Poundland Shop!

On Friday 1st, me and my sister had plans to go to pizza hut in town. I struggle to walk so we usually just get food and go Poundland then I head home & she sometimes comes back to see mum. Poundland is next door to pizza hut & I can use the trolley to keep me up walking round the shop (otherwise id be holding onto shelves constantly). I did get a few bits in there though, not much but some stuff. My sister bought two toiletry items whilst she was in as well. 

We did have a nice lunch as well. Me & my sister don't go out as much due to the fact I can't walk very well (I'm not in a wheelchair) & it'd cost a fortune for taxi's all the time so when we do get to go and have a dinner like that its always a nice time and plenty to talk about. 

Anyway this is what I picked up in Poundland:

3 dvds and maltesers !