Thursday, 9 January 2014

Another Vistaprint Order & Cashback!

I had a nosey online to see what I could get for free from them not including postage and I managed to get my hands on a mug & more business cards. Postage was £4.79 but thanks to Quidco I got £2.50 cashback so really I only paid £2.29 for a mug & 250 business cards which is really good.

I didn't mind the fact that they have the vistaprint advertisement on them as the mug is for me to use in the house and the business cards are just cards to add in with my swaps that I do so the advertisement isn't a bother. 

 So.. I opened the box. and there was a calendar offer! I already got my wall calender a few weeks back and would recommend them. I will upload photos to a different post =]

On the other side was 50% off christmas cards.. a bit late .. but not if you want to get them for this year haha!!

 This is the box the business cards come in..

 And inside were the business cards & a mini booklet filled with catalogue offers - up to 25% off!

 Front of my business cards.. Basic & cute!

Advertisement on the back. You can pay a little to get them without but like I said previously, I don't mind the advertisement.

And.. onto the mug! 

 Unboxing time..

 Well protected with one of those on top and bottom!

 I quite liked this little skull design they have on their site, I got a free personalised tote bag last year with this on and now I have a matching mug haha! Can't complain at all.

 Tiny advertisement on the back! 

 That tiny, I even zoomed in to it to show you all haha! 

And in with the mug was this 25% off deal. I don't think you can get the mugs free now but they are good quality mugs so I would recommend them. With the current price being from £5.74 + postage then getting 25% off and £2.50 cash back, it's not too bad! Especially if you wanted to get a personalised one.

Disney Movie Rewards - Exchanged My Points For New Dvds!

After purchasing quite a bunch of disney dvds, I managed to get myself a bunch of disney points and only recently decided to trade them in for new dvds. I traded in 1500 points for 3 new dvds!

I really like the idea of a rewards system and its so simple to use. Once you get dvds, games or disney music you get codes inside. You just enter the code and last 6 digits of the barcode online & then your points are added.

These were the dvds that I traded my points in for: 

Overall I'm very happy and I plan on spending the day lazing about watching these movies! 

Thank you Disney!

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Cherryberrykiss Competition

Cherryberrykiss are currently having a competition on their facebook page to win free footwear!

It is currently day 4 of the competition but they run ongoing competitions where a prize can be won every 10 days.

I recently purchased shoes from them so I can honestly say they are a genuine company. 

 My cat approved of one of the pairs of shoes I bought...

& I have my fingers crossed that I may win some more. 

However, Good Luck Everyone & Here Is The Link: