Monday, 4 November 2013

October 2013 - Vegan Cuts Beauty Box!

Here I will be posting my thoughts on my very first Vegan Cuts Beauty Box that I received last month. I had been browsing the internet looking for vegan boxes (not just beauty boxes) that ship to the UK or are from the UK as I am curious to find new vegan things I haven't seen before. 

I am vegetarian, not vegan. Although I do eat vegan food as well & want to try to find more vegan food to try & also find more vegan household products / toiletries to try out as well so thats why I've been looking around specifically only for vegan boxes.

I am aware that Vegan Cuts also do a food box, but I will stick with just the beauty box for now but I may try the food box later!

Anyway, onto the box!

Everything arrived alright, one item leaked slightly but it was the one in the bubble bag and it didn't go all over everything so that was good!

The box came with a leaflet with information about the product contents and other information on the other side.

There was one item not listed on the card that I received which you will see below. Since the card doesn't say the sample value's so I'd have to look them up which I may do at some point.

Here are photos of the contents:

 FIRST ITEM : Beauty without cruelty shampoo  - rosemary mint tea tree hair and scalp treatment. I'm really looking forward to trying this out and I will be doing so tomorrow. My scalp breaks out sometimes (most likely due to stress) so anything with tea tree is handy. I bought melt & pour solid shampoo to make my own shampoo specifically for my hair but I still like to try others as well. This is the brand I have heard of before. This is 59ml & you can buy it on their website at this size for $2.99 which is approx £1.87, but when calculating from the full size this amount actually values less.

 SECOND ITEM: Concrete minerals eyeshadow in the shade Wicked. This retails $7 which is approx £4.38 according to google. Although I'll most likely be swapping this since I don't use eyeshadow.

 THIRD ITEM: Bare Bones 50ml Cleanser. This I am also curious to try! I want to try different cleansers with my Foreo LUNA mini but even though I already have a few cleansers, no harm in trying more! You can buy the full size of this at $10.00 (approx £6.27) for 118ml so the sample is worth approx $4.24 (using a calculator) which is according to google £2.66. This was the item that leaked a bit.

 FOURTH ITEM: Earth science naturals shampoo & conditioner samples 5ml each. These will get used! But since the full sizes of these are 12oz (approx 340ml) at $8.95 (approx £5.61) then these samples don't value much. From calculation around 8p each? 5.61 divided by 340 (full size) times by 5 (5ml) and I got 0.0825

 FIFTH ITEM: Lotus Moon Vitamin B Hydrating Gel Facial Moisturizer. I don't have combination or oily skin so I have no idea if this will be any good for me. I have sensitive skin but I'll give it a try anyway.

SIXTH ITEM: Meow Meow Tweet Body Tonic. I will be totally honest in saying I've never used a body tonic before but I may give this a try. Full size is $22 (approx £13.78) for 2oz which is approx 57ml according to google. They sell samples on their website in 4ml so I'm guessing this is a 4ml sample? the company sells 4 of the 4ml samples for $12 (approx £7.52) although if i divided the 4ml from the original full size price it would come to £0.98

SEVENTH ITEM: The All Natural Face Lip & Cheeks In Dusky Rose. Since I don't use blush either this is another item I won't use. Not sure whether this is full size or not but you can buy them on their website for $5.75 (approx £3.60)

  I paid £22.78 for this box , I think it was USD 34.95 & my bank charged an extra £1 fee..

Although I was going to get another box I decided to cancel and just stick with UK mixed boxed and not just beauty since I really only ever got beauty boxes for toiletry stuff, cleansers, lip balm, moisturisers etc and stuff like that and I have tons of makeup from previous beauty boxes I'll never use so I swap it. And with me being in the UK it costs extra due to shipping and not being a wearer of makeup its probably not the best choice of box for me unfortunately.

As well as that, I need to save my money just now and since I have 3 subscriptions running one had to be cancelled. Since this was the most expensive one for me and the UK one's I'm subscribed to are mixed vegan boxes I decided to stick with them.

I'll also be honest in saying, I'm not a big fan of sample sachets in beauty boxes either so that wasn't a big hit for me but I definitely did like the BWC Shampoo and the Bare Bones being in the box so thanks to Vegan Cuts for that :)