Monday, 4 March 2013

Job Centre Appointment Tomorrow..

Unfortunately I've been hit with a job centre appointment tomorrow. I'm in a work related group on ESA and its my first meeting with an advisor to see if I'm well enough to work.  Although, my health is a bit of a riot and with me not being able to walk, sit or stand very long I couldn't go out and work so I don't think I'll be there long.  Although I have to say I'd love to work with animals and I have done since I was a little girl. I'm trying my best to keep walking and hope that maybe one day I'll be well enough to look after animals.

I'm not concerned about the appointment as it is just to see if I am well enough to try to work but I already know I'm not since I can barely get to my bathroom without being in a lot of pain. 

I've got 4 hospital appointments this month that are all in one week and the job centre this week so looks like I'll be spending quite a bit on taxi fares this month! My local taxi company will be happy.