Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Cheek Of It!

So if you read my blog posts the other day you will see that I received a Laptop Cooling Stand that was covered in mould. Totally disgusting and was listed as new so I should never have received anything like that. 

I eventually got a message back from the seller telling me to return it and they will send me a replacement but I have to pay the return cost?! Ermm.. Nope I'm not paying the return cost because someone is too lazy to check what they send. The box wasn't sealed and easily opened so it could have easily been checked. I was totally disgusted when I opened the box to find the Cooling Stand covered in mould. I mean, its not exactly what you expect to see when you open a parcel.

I've had to reply to them and tell them I'm not happy with paying extra to have to send a parcel back if they aren't willing to refund the extra cost also since I should never have received an item covered in mould in the first place. 

Anyone else agree?