Friday, 8 March 2013

A high priced gift vs several lower value gifts

If you were to receive a gift from someone close to you,  what would you rather receive:  One pricey gift or several lower value gifts with more thought put into them?  

My preference is several lower value gifts. I usually don't ask for anything but at occasions some people won't take "I don't want anything" as an answer. I usually just get money instead as I don't tell people what I want or even hint but I find the smaller more thoughtful things that have a meaning behind them have a lot more value to me than an expensive gift.  If someone bought me a £100 bag or jewellery piece I'd not appreciate it as much as something as simple as a pokemon teddy. If you go by the persons likes with the smaller gifts you can't go wrong (unless they already have it.. Then oops!) I'd even be happy if someone gave me a multibag of crisps!  haha. So what would you prefer?