Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Ducky Gang!

My sister needed a cheering up & I always seem to know how to make her cheer up. 

There was a bit of personal problems so I thought "Right lets get her something to cheer her up.. something that will make her laugh". I didn't have a clue what to get her though but it soon became clear. 

We lead to the conversation of her saying she was going for a bath and she needed to get a rubber ducky. So I thought .. I wonder if there are "Evil" rubber duckies that you can buy anywhere as a little joke gift. I searched evil rubber duckies and I got Villain ones! Perfect. Her own little gang of ducks to solve all her problems. Well not really but its still a crazy thought to cheer someone up. 

She already said shes going to make room round the bath for them. I buy the unexpected but I try to make meanings of my gifts. This time it was because she said she needed a rubber ducky & she was in a bad mood so I gave her 6 villain rubber duckies so she can have a blast with them. Although I do think her kids will probably want them haha!