Friday, 11 April 2014

No Giveaway...

Due to no-one making choices of their favourite bracelet and posting in comments and no new followers, I decided to hold back the giveaway for now as I don't want just one or two entries.

Since things are a bit hectic for me at the moment, I may wait until things settle down and I get back to blogging properly before I decide to hold giveaways again. 

I do however, have plenty of stuff to giveaway just not much to blog about just now. 

Will do my best to add up some blog posts though. I have just bought stuff to make beeswax candles so will see how that turns out when I first try and I will be sure to blog it!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Choose a bracelet for giveaway prize

So I decided to give people the chance to pick a bracelet for the giveaway rather than choosing one myself. I randomly picked 5 bracelets for you all to choose from. 
Please let me know in a comment below, which you would like to win and I will put the most popular choice up for giveaway at the weekend! 

Rules for the giveaway will be: 
1. Must be UK Entrants
2. Must follow my blog. 
Pretty simple really.

Bracelet number 1:

   Bracelet number 2:
Bracelet number 3: 
 Bracelet number 4:
Bracelet number 5:
 All of these bracelets fit approx 7 inch which I class as the average/most common wrist size going by a jewellery making journal I use. 

They could also fit smaller sizes as loose fit


Someone ate my pringles!!

Has anyone else noticed the amount of air rather than crisps in packs / tubs of crisps nowadays? And not just Pringles.. A lot of brands.

It's getting ridiculous. When you open a packet of crisps what you don't want to see is 3/4 air and 1/4 crisps. 

I'll be honest, Pringles I recently bought weren't 3/4 air and 1/4 crisps but it did still look like someone had had a munch at my crisps before me and then sealed it after they ate some. 

However, I posted on their Facebook page as I think its quite ridiculous paying £2.50 or something for a tub when they aren't on offer to find them nearly half empty.. But this isn't the first brand of crisps I've had to complain to about a lot of missing crisps.

Lets hope I get a good response from them and this doesn't happen again.
Has anyone else had similar experiences with different brands of crisps ? 

eBid: Why I Use It & My Shop!

For anyone that hasn't heard of eBid, it is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell stuff just like eBay only the fee's are a lot less which is the reason why I created a shop on that rather than eBay, Amazon or any other marketplace sites.

The account I use was originally my mums but she never really sold much so passed it on to me and then I decided to go for the Seller+ Lifetime subscription which at the time was on a deal for £49.49 which i thought was great! With that you can open a ebid store free of charge, buy it now prices are available, run until sold is available and so much more!

According to their help section:

SELLER+ Lifetime is currently available for £49.99 if upgrade takes place within 24 hours of registration OR any other upgrade.  

Otherwise the lifetime subscription would be £99.98.

I honestly don't understand why more people don't switch to eBid though. The more that move over to eBid, the bigger and better it will become.

 I gave up with eBay a long time ago, I found the fees far too expensive. I even tried to list a router on there £35 cheaper than what it was bought for new and sealed when people were still selling it for the original price and it never sold even after re-listing and it was just a waste of money paying £1 to list each time. I needed to raise some money, not lose £1's at a time.. 

However, for anyone that is interested.. Here is my eBid shop:

I do combine postage!


Saturday, 5 April 2014

Giveaway coming up soon!!

I know I haven't really posted for a long time and I've only just started back posted the other day but I plan to put up a giveaway on my blog soon so keep an eye out!

It will be for a handmade bracelet. Not going to give a clue of the style or colours as I don't want to give too much info away just now, but when I post the giveaway I'll post up a photo of what it will be! 

Hoping a lot of people will enter.

Keep an eye out! 

.*I do not own this image*

Thursday, 3 April 2014

New additions to my music cd collection!!

I'll admit..
I don't have a big music cd collection unfortunately...

But I am looking to build it up and get a lot more CD's. I like a mix of music so I'm sure over time I'll end up with a pretty big collection.

Since I'm looking to find a new home, maybe when I get a new place I'll buy a CD rack to put up on my wall to stack all my CD's. I only have around 60 CD's at the moment but I'm keeping an eye out on swapz website and in poundland for some decent cds. I can't really afford to buy full price CD's at the moment but I prefer to swap for things anyway.

 I recently got these two CD's in a swap: 

 Bullet For My Valentine - Temper Temper

Axewound - Vultures   

Both CD's are in really good condition as the previous owner hardly played them so I cannot complain at all. It was a good swap :) 

I also recently went into poundland and had a look at their cds for sale to see if there was anything I would possibly listen to. I managed to pick up 4 CD's this time for £7 in total so quite happy with that. 

I got the following:

As you can see, totally mixed music taste. 

I also own CD's by bands like Disturbed, Rammstein, Rihanna, Pink, Cradle Of Filth, Arch Enemy, Basshunter.. 
 And hopefully will add a lot more bands to the collection soon!  

I'm not really aware of a lot of the newer metal / rock bands that are out so I think its time to start looking online on pages like metal hammer and kerrang to hear of other bands to listen to. 


Surprised Girlfriend With Gifts

There wasn't any special occasion.. I just wanted to treat her to a little surprise. She knew about the candle, but didn't know what else I got.

This is what I got for her: 

I didn't get her the cereal haha!! But I did get her the necklace, two teddies and a candle. The Me to You teddy came with a keyring as well. 

I bought the necklace and the candle but the two teddies I got in swaps. 

Imperial Candles do all different kinds of candles and you get a surprise jewel inside which could be a ring, necklace, earrings or bracelet.  You also get to pick the ring size which is really good. 

Before deciding on buying one of their candles I had a look at their facebook page to see what kind of jewellery people have got in previous candles and the jewellery looked really nice so I thought my girlfriend would love the surprise.

Whilst the candle was burning, my girlfriend Chelsea was impatiently waiting to see what was inside.

The candle did smell lovely when it was burning and made my room smell lovely overall! I was really happy with the candle and also the jewel that was inside as it had a heart on it which was ideal since I got her a heart necklace too! 

This was the ring she got:

With the RRP. £35.00 and the candle costing £24.99 overall it was money well spent. She wears the ring all the time so it was a good buy!

For more information on the candles go to:

Made A Cat Toy Using Part Of An Old Cat Toy!

So.. My cat Spyro has a habit of biting through any elasticated toys that I buy. I bought mice on wands, bird on wand, and other toys on a wand but she bit through every single one of them and I ended up finding broken toys all over the place! So I then decided to go and separate any left over elastic from the wands and keep the wands.

I went to poundland to see if I could see any cat toys that I could maybe attach to some rope that I found in my kitchen draw to then make up a brand new cat toy for my cats to play with that my cat Spyro can't bite through. I previously used the rope cord to hang up christmas cards but there was plenty left over.

Luckily, I managed to find some cat toys to use and this was the outcome: 

Basic, easy to do and she enjoyed playing with it. I'll really be surprised if she can bite through that!


So for anyone else out there that has a mischievous cat like Spyro who likes to bite through elastic toys, try to recreate the toys using a bit of rope. You can buy rolls of rope cord £1 in poundland which could be used to make up quite a lot of these toys.