Wednesday, 13 March 2013

February Natural Beauty Box & My Honest Opinion

So My Natural Beauty Box from Canada arrived. First impressions, I really didn't think it had the wow factor that the previous boxes had and I thought it was a bit disappointing compared to them. The value was less although I didn't mind since it was still more than what I paid although 4 maybe 5 of the products I wont use. The UK subscription is £19.50 for a month.

You can find out more information here:

My natural beauty box AND my natural beauty store order.

The contents of the box (except the burst at the side)

This is a Beauty Without Cruelty Premium Botanical Lotion Extra Rich Fragrance Free Hand & Body Treatment which is 100& Vegan/Vegetarian & Summer Breeze Whipped Sugar Scrub By Selma Valentne. I'm really unsure of the smell of the hand and body treatment though.. The Hand & Body Treatment sample is worth $3.50 and the scrub is worth $3

This I was extremely disappointed about. Before I purchased these boxes , the website said that the boxes would NOT include any sample sachets as part of the box and if they did they would be extras and not part of what is on the list. Now they have changed it to "foil samples will be included at times, but there won't be more than 2 per box" although further down the what is it & what you get page it says "All samples in The Natural Beauty Box are deluxe, meaning they're very usable (at least .1 oz with the exception of vials for perfumes) and aren't in those one time use foil sample packs." meaning products wouldn't be in one use foil sample packs? Im a bit confused and feel like ive been very mislead as its been changed once my box was purchased.  I've loved all their previous boxes but this was a bit of a disappointment.  Apparently the Tao Of Man Sample is $2.50 and the Jadience one is $1.50.

These two products I most likely will not use. I dont like blush probably more so because I am very pale and the Just Pure one is a blush but it barely had anything in it. The Overall Beauty Minerals is an eyeshadow. The blush sample values $2 and the eyeshadow $3.30.

These are Wine Delights Beer Natural Extra Nourishing & Hydrating Shampoo and Kynk Naturals Argan Oil. The sample of the beer shampoo is worth $6.50 and the argan oil I'm not sure about as there was 3 Kynk Naturals samples sent out and it said the value ranged between $3 and $14.

This smells lovely - Pharmacopia Verbena Soap. This sample is worth $2.50.

Scentuals 100% Natural Handmade Soap sample values $2.. Now the past boxes have had soaps as well.. Cupcake soap, gingerbread soap & pumpkin soap and now two more soaps..

If you click on that and read it then you will understand my confusion with some of the items in this box.

The box is meant to value $40.80 which is around £27. Overall .. I find this box a big disappointment. Apologies if anyone dislikes my opinion but I just thought I'd be honest. Even though I only paid £19.50 with the disappointment of the foil samples, the blush looking almost empty and that i didn't feel the "wow sensation" that I did with other boxes. I really hope the next box will be a lot better & that they go back to not having foil samples in the boxes like it stated before when I bought the boxes and the foil samples were added as an extra if any but not counted as the items in the box. I really really liked their boxes and this has been the first one I was disappointed with so I'm hoping things change next month.

What do you think of this box?