Monday, 21 October 2013

Photo Of The Day

The story behind this is, I bought a brand new scratch post activity center for my cats built it up today. Both cats were very impatient when it was being built up... I think they knew it was for them! However, since then both cats have been climbing it.

Climbing it wasn't all spyro was doing!

Spyro decided to constantly swing round one of the poles like a pole dancer & then started to try to grab the rope with her teeth as she swung round. Its official my cats are insane. I'm surprised she didn't go flying off! 

More pictures of the scratch post will be posted another time!

Nice, relaxing & quiet weekend

My friend came over to see me for the weekend which I was grateful for as I don't get many visitors. We planned to spend the weekend playing games and chatting but it turns out we only played pokemon haha!! On Saturday we went to Wetherspoons. I got a taxi to a bus stop then the bus to a stop right near Wetherspoons. The bus stop is near my house, but since I cant even walk to the corner of the street despite being right near the corner, there is no way I can even walk to a bus stop. 

The food was quite nice, although I have to admit that the baked potato was nowhere near as nice as what my mum makes. We stayed in Wetherspoons for about 4 hours just chatting, eating lunch and desert and decided to go down to Tesco, get some snacks for later and jump the bus again from across the road. When we reached the bank near my house, we got off and sat at the bus stop and got a taxi again to my door. By this point I was exhausted. I hardly ever go out, due to my walking issues and most of my old friends no longer speak to me.. Most likely due to my rapid increase of health problems but at least I now know who my friends are!

He ended up staying through until Monday, as Sunday service with buses can be annoying! Although because he didn't have to go home early Sunday, we got a taxi down to Subway and had something to eat there & I brought one back for my mum. Good job Iceland was right by Subway since they had no lettuce and my mum likes it on her sub and so do I but I had tomato instead this time. Again got a taxi back home so the taxi service would have loved me this weekend. I have to get taxi's to the doctors and hospitals often so they get plenty from me! 

Overall I had a nice and relaxed weekend. I don't get to go out for a Subway often never mind anything else since I tend not to go out at all unless its doctors/hospital or dentist so it was nice to do something different.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Handmade Jewellery Album - Over 300 Pieces

I made a Handmade Jewellery Album on Facebook for things I'm looking to sell. I haven't priced anything yet but I have asked for now for people to contact me if interested in anything and I'll let them know prices. 
and browse my jewellery album there. 

If anyone is interested in buying anything let me know.

I accept paypal & paypal fees will be included in the total. 

Go away flu!

I've been pretty unwell the past week with a flu. It made me feel so drained and useless so I slept the first day or so of it but couldn't sleep much after that thanks to my sneezing fits.

Anytime I sneezed a lot, my cat Spyro came running to see if I was okay! Aww! And I was kind enough to share it with my mum ... oops! 

Luckily, despite still coughing and sneezing a little... I think its going away. But I'll most likely look like Rudolph for a little while since I have done a lot of sneezing over the past week and my nose has been pretty raw. 

On a good note, over the past week my two cats Spyro & Blaze have tried many crazy antics to cheer me and mum up and take our minds off having the flu. 


Friday, 4 October 2013

Booked in!

Thats me finally booked in to get my 2nd tattoo at the end of the month and I have to say I am really looking forward to it .

For now, I'll keep the design idea a secret from the blog but I'll post photos once it is done!

 I hoped to get it done by the end of the month so when the guy said to me today "what about 30th?" I was like... Perfect! 

I had to make a deposit as I wanted them to draw the design for me too. I had the idea in my head just not on paper. It has a lot of meaning behind it and relates to me in many ways. 

Right now, I'm quite excited about getting it done. Although on the day I'll probably want to jump about like a little kid.. although I won't because I'd end up really sore then haha!