Monday, 11 March 2013

My Mums Mothers Day!

I had a very happy mum on mothers day! She didn't want me and my sister spending a lot as usual because she is stubborn like that but I thought it would be a good idea to do a hamper from both of us. I made the budget £20 each which was affordable for my sister & instead of going out buying expensive things, we got her things she loves or needs!

Instead of going getting her the a pricey box of chocolates - we went into poundland and got a big mix of all her favourites. You may think its cheap but her face lit up and she started laughing. 
We got her the following:

Galaxy Cookie Crumble x 2
JaffaCakes Dark Chocolate
Maryland Cookies Twin Pack
Dairy Milk Turkish Delight
After Eights 
2 Pergale Boxes Of Chocolates - Caramel & Milk Chocolate

She even said she appreciates that more than a thorntons box of chocolates etc because its all stuff she likes (although the Pergale Chocolates are something new to try) 

As well as them, we got her the following: 

3 Plain T-Shirts - Two Black & One White
Mum Wallet Card With Envelope
Teddy Bear & Teddy Bear Snow Globe
3 Candles - One Was A Double Pack
62 Wax Tarts 
5 Fragrance Oils
Ceramic Oil Burner With Grass Pattern
& Obviously A Card From Me And A Card From My Sister.

She had mentioned wanting plain t-shirts earlier this year for under her shirts and for in summer so was really pleased to see some at the bottom under everything else. She has a basic round tealight holder sitting on the coffee table and I thought it was time to say goodbye to that and get her an oil burner so she can burn her old oils (and now her new ones as well). I decided to get her mixed scent wax tarts as well to give her something else to use and other scents. She always has scented candles but sometimes when shes running low and orders them they tend to be out of stock. Now she can use scented candles or use non scented and burn her oils / wax tarts. The oil burner certainly looks more appealing than a little round tealight holder anyway!

We also bought a Basin to put the gifts in , although you may think its very strange the reason behind it was my sister had my mums basin and lost it so she needed a new basin.. But it certainly made my mum laugh and she said "Oh a basin at last!!" The bottom of the basin was filled with shredding and I put the wax tarts into cellophane cone bags to make it look fancy and tied it with ribbon.  

My mum appreciates smaller gifts rather than going out and spending a fortune on an expensive item. She'd tell you to take it back immediately. Even knowing some were from poundland and the rest I got online she still said "I hope you didnt spend a lot" Terrible Mum!! She needs to realise she deserves a treat too. 

I've just agreed on a swap on for a pack of 3 thermal socks I was interested in & I'll be getting them for her too so that will be a late extra added in.

I offered to buy her dinner but she didn't fancy a takeaway then I brought up wetherspoons & she said we could go there sometime instead which I don't mind since we never go out for food anywhere except subway which is even rare now that I'm fighting to walk so I have to get a taxi everywhere but still struggle to get around places once I'm out the taxi. I hope we do go out for lunch & I say lunch because my mum knows I wouldn't go later on as it gets very busy and I don't like being surrounded by people and hate it even more in a crowded place.

I'll continue to get mum random gifts throughout the year as I always do! She deserves it.