Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Natural Beauty Store Order

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This face cream is $33.00. I use it for my hands as I found it worked well when my eczema breaks out and my hands start healing after cracking and getting all horrible. The pot is 2 oz so will last a while.

These body washes were just a little treat for myself!
The thing I liked about BURST toiletries is you can pick the scents & extras to add into the toiletries & different sizes of the products. I previously received a body wash from the natural beauty box that was lemon lime & peppermint and I am convinced it smelt like starburst.

I got a strawberry scent body wash 4 oz.
A white chocolate body wash 4 oz.

& a strawberry and vanilla body wash 4 oz

All sound pretty tasty! And smell yummy as well. 

Overall my order cost $59.00 but I got a bit off the price with the review points I received for reviewing previous items and boxes taking the price down to $55.05 which turned out to be £36.15 which I thought was pretty good especially since they aren't products from the UK.  It arrived with my monthly beauty box so plenty of stuff to try.