Saturday, 9 March 2013

Decembers Box - The Natural Beauty Box

A very late post , but still a post never the less.

If you haven't already heard of it, The Natural Beauty Box is a beauty box subscription from Canada. I am in the United Kingdom and the box costs me £19.50 per month but it is not an ongoing subscription if you buy just one month. If you only purchase one month & want to another you will have to resubscribe.

I can't find where I put the information sheet the now but if I find it I'll add more info to this blog post about prices etc! 

Excuse the mess in the background! But this was the contents I got in my box. I had two extras in the box along with a replacement for a cream I got in my last box that had the lid off a bit so the product got a bit hard. I think the extras are just their way of saying sorry.

Here we have Original Purity Skincare Raw Seeds Facial Gelee & Delizioso Skincare Black Mascara. The mascara is full size worth $19.

Here we have Delizioso Skincare Cooling Cucumber Facial Moisturiser & Golden Berries Anti Aging Extra Moisturising Facial Stick which the facial stick values $39.95.

Here we have Kandy Kane natural body scrub 1oz - The full size is 8oz for $32 but i think its a bit pricey for a body scrub. Although I do quite like it I probably wouldn't but it again due to the price since its just a sugar scrub. Next theres I Love Coffee Hand Cream. I HATE COFFEE ! Dislike the smell.. So you can guess what I thought of that.. Strangely enough the smell was okay & I quite liked the product. It wasn't greasy and not overpowering.

First we have Watermelon & CoQ10 100% Natural Facial Polish by Delizioso Skincare. On their website the full size is 1oz for $42 and this is 0.5oz so must be worth $21. Next is Pina Colada Wine Delights 50ml Natural Shower Gel. Personally I thought the smell was too strong for me so I mix it with vanilla shower gel when I use it to tone down the smell.

These were both Temptations Bath & Body products. Both smelled lovely. Didn't get much use out of the Wicked Little Gingerbread All Natural Soap but it was enough to test it. The other item was Cranberry Twister Smell-Me-Soy Lotion Candle. It smells lovely!! Actually smells too good to use. Its a candle that can be used as a lotion as well which I had never heard of before.

This is one of the extras I got . Personally I don't like using anything on my face except healing balm when needed & mineral water. Most my facial products get used on my hands.

I've never used a facial mask soap - so trying to use this Delizioso Skincare Mangosteen Acai Facial Mask Soap,  I was clueless!  It was another extra. I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually .. Next that was part of the box was I Love Coffee Massage Bar. I tried this after my bath but im not sure if it was just me or not but I didn't like the feel on the skin . I've never used a massage bar before though. 

Well the box itself valued a lot more than the £19.50 i paid so really cannot complain!