Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes - BzzAgent!

As you may or may not have read previously, my 2nd BzzAgent Campaign was Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes. My First Was Vanish Oxi Action. I haven't tested the Vanish yet though.

My skin was feeling really rough and dry today. Actually the worst its been for a while. I woke up with really flakey skin on my nose and the rest of my skin on my face just felt rough. I don't wear makeup or apply creams/lotions etc to my face.  I did use my Avene thermal water spray which made my face feel nice and hydrated again.

Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes are a "perfect blend of multi-vitamins and gentle cleansers to refresh or moisturise your skin" so they say, so I thought .. Why not give it a try!

This is what I received:

I'll be honest in saying, compared to my usual Asda Sensitive Cotton Soft Baby Wipes , they are a bit rougher. I don't really like the texture. I have very sensitive skin which is why I use the Asda baby wipes. Although I did see it cleansed my face, my face felt a really dry afterwards.

Also it made my face quite itchy. . . Which then made my face red again as me being silly scratched it :(

Not as sensitive as they say.. 

I'm afraid it wont be a buy from me. Sorry BzzAgent!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Where are my crisps?

Seabrook Sea Salt & Vinegar Crisps

I felt the packet to find nearly all my packet was air...

Opened them to find that I only had a very small amount of crisps in the packet :( 

I think maybe someone had a munch before sealing the packet! How dare they munch my crisps *shocked face* 

I've informed Seabrook anyway. 

So glad it wasn't my last packet or I would have been very disappointed.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Trainers for the Cat.

Well really, they are not for the cat...

I bought trainers that arrived the other day but my cat seems to have claimed them as her own. I don't wear trainers but my reason for getting them was so I had suitable footwear as I want to try to strengthen my muscles a bit with a resistance band and hopefully be able to walk a bit better as I can't even walk to my bathroom without being in severe agony due to health problems & physiotherapy was too much so I need to try to do things at my own pace to ease the pain a bit so I can walk a bit more since it will never go away.

But anyway back to the cat and the shoes.. 

My cats are a little bit mental. Anything I have Blaze wants to claim .. She claimed an old coat of mine, bags, my fujifilm camera bag and other things. Any time I get my camera out she tries to get into the camera case.. Shes a bit big for that now shes not a kitten anymore! Spyro on the other hand is a little thief. Shes stole my sweets to hide them under the couch... she hid a lip gloss under a suitcase.. she even ran off with some sellotape when I was trying to parcel up a swap.

The above photo was taken with an Iphone so the quality isn't that great.. But as you can see her eyes are wide and she had no intention of moving. Shes now sleeping on them... That surely cannot be comfy at all. 

My new camouflage print zip hoody arrived today but shes not got her paws on that yet. Once she sees it and investigates it, she will probably want to claim that too.

I think I need to hide my stuff..

Friday, 22 February 2013

Plenty To Watch

I received 9 DVDs though the post yesterday, plenty to keep me busy for a little while. Seven were bought on ebay for 99p and free postage and six of those seven were new and sealed. Two of the DVD were a swap I did on bigwardrobe. I have to say though, as lovely as many of the swappers are on there bigwardrobe has gone poor and the staff aren't bothered about the site.. It's not what it used to be and I much prefer Swapz now.

These are the dvds I received:

Brand new & sealed.

Brand new & sealed.

Brand new & sealed. If I'm correct this is the 3rd axis of war so I'll have to get the first two before watching this one.

This was listed as like new so still really good condition. I don't have the first two so I'll have to get them as well.

Brand new & sealed

This was one of the dvds I've swapped for. I love animation and disney movies and I plan to get lots of them . I don't have many on DVD the now but I do still have my old videos. Once I start building up a collection with them on DVD then I think it will be time to say goodbye to my old videos.

Brand new & sealed.

This was the other dvd I swapped for. I actually don't remember ever seeing Hansel and Gretel although my mum says I have so must have been when I was young.

Brand new and sealed.

Ebay ones at 99p were definately a bargain! 

Have you had any good buys recently ?

Thursday, 21 February 2013

All about today.

I had another restless night unfortunately. My sleeping pattern isn't very good and I only seem to be getting quick naps at a time but I think it very well may be related to the stressing back pain I get and the other pains that come with it. 

I woke up to some mail arriving. It was two dvds and a Micro SD card and adapter. I'll be getting a new phone soon as I want the Sony Xperia Z so decided to get that with my contract upgrade. It can take up to 32gb Micro SD card and its a 16gb phone so I thought I may as well get a 32gb card as knowing me I'll somehow manage to fill it up with music, photos and apps. 

I have never seen this before so this is something new to watch.
I haven't seen this either so another new movie to watch.

I watched two movies, not the ones that just arrived but others ones. They both arrived not long ago and I haven't seen either of them before. One I thought was good & I really liked the main character although she was quite mischievous she was very smart at it. People see her as different at first as the movie goes on they begin to listen and work with her. I love movies like that. Just shows that you really can't judge a book by its cover. The other was black and white and really wasn't for me & I found it quite boring. 

I watched these: 

Night Of The Living Dead (Wasn't Keen)
Pretty Smart

On a different topic I later on remade two bracelets for my sister. The old ones came away after being worn constantly so it gave me something to do. I've been meaning to do it since the end of last year but I've not had a break with my health to do it. I ended up making myself a elasticated bracelet then decided it was bath time since my back was agony.

This is what I made for me:
Add caption

As always when I go for a bath I end up with one or two cats relaxing in the bathroom. Usually blaze as she rolls about the floor anytime I have a bath. 

Taken with an iphone.. Crazy cat!

It wasn't really an exciting day but still I got a bracelet out of it.. and a silly photo of my cat. 

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Yesterdays Mail

Unfortunately it wasn't exciting at all! 

This dvd arrived. Bought on ebay 99p free postage. Bargain!!
 Bought the dvd on the 17th so that was really fast postage. It was brand new and sealed but I took the seal off. 

Although as well as that, I did get a letter from Viva! which is a vegetarian society about Fioe-Gras. 

According to them with help from vegetarian supporters no supermarket in Britain will sell fioe-gras yet online retailers such as amazon have no such qualms about trading in the livers of tortured ducks and geese. They are left trapped and helpless as well as force fed huge amounts of grain with pneumatic pumps on industrial factory farms. Sick sick people! I hope it stops and Amazon come to their senses. 

For more information head over to Viva! Website : 

Lush Helping Hands

Around the middle of last year I started having new outbreaks of blistery bumps on my fingers. I didn't know what it was as I had never had it before but I guessed it was some form of Eczema. 

I have a lot of allergies, so if it was to be allergy related I knew it would be something I would have to deal with quite often. It made my fingers look horrible and not attractive in the slightest. During the healing process the skin started to look all wrinkly and cracked so I went on the search for products that would help in any way but I didn't want to spend a fortune on products for them to not work.

The Lush Helping Hands is on their website for £7.15 for 100g. It is a hand cream that was invented to help nurses and people that have really really dry over-washed hands.

Someone I've spoke to a few times who is a nurse & also suffers with eczema recommended Lush Helping Hands because she said it works wonders for her.

With this product I find a little goes a long way, you don't need to plaster it on. With my main focus being using it just on my hands and occasionally on my arms and legs, one tub has lasted me a while and I still have quite a bit left.

The smell isn't the greatest of smells , well I don't think so anyway.. But it is one that you can bare. Or if you really didn't like the smell just put a bit of fragrance over it.

It has chamomile infusion which is said to reduce redness and african marigold which is great for sore broken skin. I'll have to be honest and say it really does calm the itch from my eczema. My doctor gave me several creams and steroid creams but nothing worked so I'm glad I tried this. It makes my hands feel silky smooth and also works great for my other allergy breakouts which are usually spot rashes *sad face* Although good thing is, I have what is left in this tub and I have another that is unopened that my best friend got me for Christmas! It also makes my skin look a lot healthier during breakouts and not so dull. With a bit of Lush Helping Hands I don't feel so insecure about my eczema and how awful my hands look because it makes such a big difference. I would recommend it.

Lush do NOT test on animals and their pots can be recycled. You can get one fresh mask free when you recycle 5 clean full size lush pots. 

This product is preservative free & is vegetarian society approved.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Hair & Chalk

Putting chalk on my hair was never something I ever thought of or even wanted to do until I seen posts of people after chalking their hair and companies showing off the idea. 

I have quite a lot of companies liked on facebook just for something to read & chalking your hair was something that caught my eye.

I've seen tutorials of it online and it looks really easy to do. I have black hair so it will be quite fun to mess about with it. I bought a 48 piece soft pastel chalk kit for £6.49 so its not expensive. Its a temporary method for colouring your hair and washes out when you wash your hair although from what Ive read with blonde hair it can last longer and if you don't want it to last longer than one wash not to wet your hair when doing it. 

Photo taken from the internet

I will post photos of my experiments with chalk when the chalk arrives :)

Sunday, 17 February 2013

My Vanish Oxi Action Arrived!

My first campaign products from BzzAgent Arrived!! Vanish Oxi Action. I was actually really amazed at how much they sent I only expected a little sample of it to do one wash or maybe two. 

This is what arrived: 

Box Just Opened With A BzzAgent Information Card On Top.

Part Of What The Information Card Says.

Another Part Of The Card.

I Even Got Some Vouchers With It I Could Use If I Wanted To Buy It Again.

Five Vouchers In Total. In Tesco The 1Kilo Vanish Oxi Action Is Currently Half Price At £4.34 Until The 24th Of This Month!
A Guide To Stains Booklet That Came In The Parcel. Quite Handy Really Especially To Show Off The Different Stains The Product Is Supposed To Be Good For.

Contents In The Booklet

Another Informative Part Of Text Showing Different Ways To Use It.

I'm not sure if there is a scoop inside the packets I received but there might be.

I received two packets as shown above. They're both 200g so really good!

One out of the box.
I haven't tried it yet. But I will post a before and after soon enough when I do to show if it works or not. 

To get free stuff like this to try out and review head over to BzzAgent's website and join in the campaigns. All you have to do is fill out the surveys on their page and they'll invite you to the campaign. 

Friday, 15 February 2013

Swapz Newly Listed.

I was attempting to list on bigwardrobe but its so slow now and was taking me like 5 minutes to list one item!! What happened to the site :( 

Anyway I've listed a couple of new items up for swapz on 

If you like any of the following and want to swap & have an account let me know your user and I'll see if I like anything & message you directly on the site. 

Nail art sheet

For iphone 4

Phone / Bag Charm

Phone / Bag Charm Close Up

Playing with camera zoom ..

I knew my camera could zoom into far away buildings but I was curious if it could zoom into text clearly on the from my side of the bed to the side of the room. This is what happens when you are bored and have a fujifilm finepix hs30exr ..

Please excuse the mess. My room isn't exactly tidy.. 

I circled the items I wanted to zoom into.. Its the back of dry shampoo where the text is quite small on one of them

My hands were a bit shaky but it did the job! But with a steadier hand or maybe a stand it would have been perfect.
This time my target was my pokemon calendar.

The top text part of my pokemon calendar zoomed right in.
I'm quite impressed! I was blown away by this camera when I first got it and still it impresses me!