Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Quite Annoyed

Not been a good night with ebay issues!!

I checked one dvd I recently received to find the two disks covered in scratches even though it was listed as watched once and excellent condition so I complained about that and the seller offered a refund but said they checked the disks before sending but clearly they didn't and did not only just watch it once since it is totally covered in scratches. Not tested it yet but getting a refund either way.

Another seller I bought from now has -2 feedback so obviously being concerned I want my money back and the transaction cancelled. Although I paid directly through ebay using paypal ebay is trying to say the payment is being processed so I cant open any cases even though paypal actually states payment is complete from sending out to receiving so its clearly a glitch with ebay.  I told customer service that the seller was non responsive & they told me to email the seller and ask them to cancel the transaction even though I just told them they didn't reply to my previous messages. Then told me to open an item not received case which you cant do if it says you haven't paid . My head feels like its about to explode. The customer service staff member clearly wasn't listening to anything I said throughout the chat and kept trying to tell me the payment was unclaimed (it isn't though it is complete) and no matter how many times i tried to tell him it was complete he wasn't listening. I had to copy and paste the info from paypal for him to then realize i was telling the truth . 

One thing I hate more than anything is being made out as a liar. Really not impressed at all. 

Hopefully tomorrow will be eBay problem free and I can have a nice relaxed day and the job centre wont give me any hassle and 3 network wont give my mum any hassle when she phones tomorrow to tell them shes angry that we took a contract out and they gave us a faulty phone. I want a replacement!! 

Rant over..