Saturday, 27 April 2013

April Birchbox (UK)

I stopped getting all UK Beauty boxes a while back but with a code that was available back around the 11th (which was when I ordered), I thought.. "Why not!" It meant that the box was only £7.95 instead of £12.95.

I cancelled the subscription a few days later as I only wanted the one box.

This is what I received: 



Information leaflet

More information

Information about the box and some stuff the magazine includes

These are the list of items that were in the box.
Birchbox Paname Paris Mirror: (EXTRA FREE)

 I'm not sure about anyone else, but I certainly would not pay £7.50 for this mirror. I prefer foldable compact mirrors so they don't get as scratched easy but this just does not look like it is worth £7.50.. Sorry Birchbox! But for free I guess I can't complain.

 mirenesse Glossy Kiss:

The card with birchbox said this could be sharpened although it doesn't get sharpened as you just twist to get more. Its a mirenesse Glossy Kiss Lip/Cheek Stain in the shade 14. Perfect Kiss. Full Size Product. This alone RRP is £17.50 although on the mirenesse website it is £19.46. I'll be swapping this as I don't use anything on my lips other than lip balm and don't use anything on my cheeks either. For more info on this product click the link below: 


 This is a 3ml Sample. Full size is 1oz which according to google is 29ml (rounded up). The full size is worth £69.00 making this worth £7.14 (rounded to the nearest full amount). If anyone is wondering how I got that amount: 69 divided by 29 times 3.  I don't use anti-aging serums so won't be using this either.

WELEDA Skin Food:

This I am curious about. Not only is it a natural moisturiser but there seems to be a lot of good reviews about it! So I'll definitely be giving this a try. This is a 10ml sample and full size is 75ml but you can also get it travel size at 30ml. RRP for full size is £8.95 making this worth £1.19.

SAVON MAYA ; La Societe Parisienne De Savons Soap:

I quite like the scent, smells fresh. This will definitely be used. Full size is 100g at £8.50.  This is 50g so would value £4.25.

Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Plump 'N Thick Leave-In Thickening Mist:

I will also be using this. This is 59ml and full size is 8oz which according to google is 227ml (rounded to the nearest). Full size RRP is £13.90 making this worth approx £3.61.

The total of the items I would use value more than what I paid for this box so I really cannot complain! The total value of the items I would use is approx £9.05 and since I got the box for £7.95 its a good buy & I can still swap the other two items.

(Approximately) The total value of the contents in the box is (not including the freebie):


For anyone else who got the April box, did you get any different items? And what was your thoughts on the box contents? x

Sunday, 21 April 2013

China Fur Trade Footage.. If You Wear Fur.. Please Look At This...

This is heart breaking and animals should never be treated this way.

Viva! Activist & What You Get.

This is really for under 18's. I'll admit I'm not under 18 but I just love this!!
For anyone that doesn't know about Viva! they're all about gathering support and helping save animals all over the world! 

For just £5 this is what you get:  (taken from their site)
The info they send is useful and stuff I wouldn't have known without them & I like to help if I can. 

This is what I got: 
Firstly there is the letter. The card (which you cant see what is on it) is my activist card which allows me to get discounts with a lot of places.

And then the magazine. You get a magazine three times a year. You can view an online version at their site but I prefer to have the magazine infront of me in my hands. 

These are the stickers I got.



My Badge! I have two of these now. Both on my dressing gown.

Below I will share with you the posters & leaflets I received so you can read them as well. 









As you can see its a very useful informative bundle of leaflets and posters that can make you aware of things you didn't even know! 

You also get this: 

I already have one of these somewhere not sure if its the same recipes I have though as I dont know if they change the recipes!  But basically its just a little booklet filled with vegan recipes that are ideal for 7-17 year olds (older can do them too!)

This is their shop magazine booklet. Plenty of interesting CRUELTY FREE stuff inside!!

I really like the bird tealight holder.. I may just have to get it!

They even do Clothing.

I also really like the Cat Crew Socks. I wouldn't usually pay £5.50 for socks but they're cute!

Some vegetarian / vegan munchies!

Lip balms as well , they have other toiletries also! I may have to try these.

Their cards page! (with body care on the other page)

At the back they also offer different guides for low prices.

This is the Supporters Discount Leaflet I got. It has 4 A4 sides of info (2 pages) and it could save people a lot!

I live in Glasgow and have only been to the 13th Note once, food was delicious and staff were friendly. I did take an allergy reaction to the food but that was my fault not theirs as I ate something hoping I'd be okay with an allergy tablet but obviously not. I do intend to go back there but it would be even BETTER with a £10 discount..

So all this information and even discounts for £5 is a bargain. When they send out the next magazine they usually add in other leaflets as well to make people aware more of what is going on at the moment. 

I also just donated another £5 so that's my good deed for today. 

There are different membership packs not just a Viva! Activist one, but for more info on them and other ones here is the link to their site :