Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Yesterdays Mail

Unfortunately it wasn't exciting at all! 

This dvd arrived. Bought on ebay 99p free postage. Bargain!!
 Bought the dvd on the 17th so that was really fast postage. It was brand new and sealed but I took the seal off. 

Although as well as that, I did get a letter from Viva! which is a vegetarian society about Fioe-Gras. 

According to them with help from vegetarian supporters no supermarket in Britain will sell fioe-gras yet online retailers such as amazon have no such qualms about trading in the livers of tortured ducks and geese. They are left trapped and helpless as well as force fed huge amounts of grain with pneumatic pumps on industrial factory farms. Sick sick people! I hope it stops and Amazon come to their senses. 

For more information head over to Viva! Website :