Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Hair & Chalk

Putting chalk on my hair was never something I ever thought of or even wanted to do until I seen posts of people after chalking their hair and companies showing off the idea. 

I have quite a lot of companies liked on facebook just for something to read & chalking your hair was something that caught my eye.

I've seen tutorials of it online and it looks really easy to do. I have black hair so it will be quite fun to mess about with it. I bought a 48 piece soft pastel chalk kit for £6.49 so its not expensive. Its a temporary method for colouring your hair and washes out when you wash your hair although from what Ive read with blonde hair it can last longer and if you don't want it to last longer than one wash not to wet your hair when doing it. 

Photo taken from the internet

I will post photos of my experiments with chalk when the chalk arrives :)