Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Super Speed Delivery

I woke up to my mum coming in the bedroom with some mail for me. It wasn't a lot just one parcel and a letter. Although I was really surprised at what the parcel was when I opened it. 

I ordered 3 packs of 4 Cd Marker Pens on eBay yesterday for £1.09 per pack, free postage and they arrived today! Now that is definitely speedy postage.

The sellers eBay username is Babz but the company sell a lot of different things. I also bought from them a universal travel adapter for use in the UK at £1.69 free postage. I bought that late last night though so that wouldn't have arrived today but their postage certainly is fast. I've previously bought a cupcake maker from this seller which was great and under £10 including postage so I really cant complain.