Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Pain go away!!

On top of my usual back / leg and neck pain i have one wisdom tooth coming in. It started coming in last year but it is taking ages! It was sore at first then wasn't sore for quite a few months and now its agony again. When it first started getting sore i could feel the spikes of the tooth under my gum. Its about half a tooth in now and its sore again but I think it's probably taking ages just to annoy me and once this one is fully in then another one will most likely start to come in. 

Tried to eat some toast and the toast kept wandering to the side of the wisdom tooth.. But as people say when you hurt something or when somethings sore, no matter how hard you try to avoid causing yourself more pain from it you never manage to avoid it. 

I also woke up with a heat spot on the side of my knuckle on my pinkie finger. Not as bad but still irritating.

So not my day at all. Was going to go out with Mum and attempt to walk about but since we woke up to snow I'm housebound since I'm not paying a taxi to clydebank and back. I struggle to walk on snow because I walk on my toes although I'm starting to walk on my toes & the outer part of my foot which is probably why I'm struggling a lot more to walk lately and I'm in so much pain. Hopefully the  hospital will be able to help since physiotherapy was just too much for me.