Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Bigwardrobe Swap Site

Bigwardrobe has gone so quiet and a lot less active members but still some of them there. It could really do with more active swappers! The site isn't perfect, the staff aren't active but you can get some really good swaps and its a fantastic way of getting rid of unwanted stuff.

About Big Wardrobe: 
You can swap things you don't use anymore or haven't used for stuff that you want or like. You can also sell your items or buy stuff although I won't buy or sell on there anymore as I really only look to swap. I've always seen it as a swap site but it seems more people are coming to sell. 

Tip: You will find it really hard to sell anything with no feedback or low feedback. It's mainly a swap site and for anyone that will buy stuff most people prefer to buy from people that have a decent amount of feedback.

You do get the bad swappers in amongst the good but the handy thing is there is a forum and you can discuss anything there if there is any problems and it helps everyone else avoid them too. 

Its not just a clothes swapping site.. You can swap dvds, books , household items, jewellery, makeup, games ad other stuff too.