Saturday, 23 February 2013

Trainers for the Cat.

Well really, they are not for the cat...

I bought trainers that arrived the other day but my cat seems to have claimed them as her own. I don't wear trainers but my reason for getting them was so I had suitable footwear as I want to try to strengthen my muscles a bit with a resistance band and hopefully be able to walk a bit better as I can't even walk to my bathroom without being in severe agony due to health problems & physiotherapy was too much so I need to try to do things at my own pace to ease the pain a bit so I can walk a bit more since it will never go away.

But anyway back to the cat and the shoes.. 

My cats are a little bit mental. Anything I have Blaze wants to claim .. She claimed an old coat of mine, bags, my fujifilm camera bag and other things. Any time I get my camera out she tries to get into the camera case.. Shes a bit big for that now shes not a kitten anymore! Spyro on the other hand is a little thief. Shes stole my sweets to hide them under the couch... she hid a lip gloss under a suitcase.. she even ran off with some sellotape when I was trying to parcel up a swap.

The above photo was taken with an Iphone so the quality isn't that great.. But as you can see her eyes are wide and she had no intention of moving. Shes now sleeping on them... That surely cannot be comfy at all. 

My new camouflage print zip hoody arrived today but shes not got her paws on that yet. Once she sees it and investigates it, she will probably want to claim that too.

I think I need to hide my stuff..