Wednesday, 13 February 2013

I have mail!

I only had one parcel today although I haven't been buying much and swaps have died down for a bit. I knew what it was without even opening it because I didn't have anything else that I was waiting on arriving. This is what I got today : 

Ooh a packet..

In a previous blog post I stated I was waiting on an adapter arriving that I bought on the 11th February at night time. I stupidly broke my other one and I needed one for my camera charger otherwise I couldn't charge the battery. I previously bought CD marker pens from this seller which arrived the next day so overall extremely fast postage

Back of the packet

Nothing exciting today but it is something I do need so it wasn't a random buy. 

Being able to charge my battery means I can take more photos like these : 

Spyro Watching Aladdin

Blaze And Her Toy

Blaze Loves The Camera Bag.

Spyro Under The Radiator Keeping Warm