Friday, 22 February 2013

Plenty To Watch

I received 9 DVDs though the post yesterday, plenty to keep me busy for a little while. Seven were bought on ebay for 99p and free postage and six of those seven were new and sealed. Two of the DVD were a swap I did on bigwardrobe. I have to say though, as lovely as many of the swappers are on there bigwardrobe has gone poor and the staff aren't bothered about the site.. It's not what it used to be and I much prefer Swapz now.

These are the dvds I received:

Brand new & sealed.

Brand new & sealed.

Brand new & sealed. If I'm correct this is the 3rd axis of war so I'll have to get the first two before watching this one.

This was listed as like new so still really good condition. I don't have the first two so I'll have to get them as well.

Brand new & sealed

This was one of the dvds I've swapped for. I love animation and disney movies and I plan to get lots of them . I don't have many on DVD the now but I do still have my old videos. Once I start building up a collection with them on DVD then I think it will be time to say goodbye to my old videos.

Brand new & sealed.

This was the other dvd I swapped for. I actually don't remember ever seeing Hansel and Gretel although my mum says I have so must have been when I was young.

Brand new and sealed.

Ebay ones at 99p were definately a bargain! 

Have you had any good buys recently ?