Thursday, 21 February 2013

All about today.

I had another restless night unfortunately. My sleeping pattern isn't very good and I only seem to be getting quick naps at a time but I think it very well may be related to the stressing back pain I get and the other pains that come with it. 

I woke up to some mail arriving. It was two dvds and a Micro SD card and adapter. I'll be getting a new phone soon as I want the Sony Xperia Z so decided to get that with my contract upgrade. It can take up to 32gb Micro SD card and its a 16gb phone so I thought I may as well get a 32gb card as knowing me I'll somehow manage to fill it up with music, photos and apps. 

I have never seen this before so this is something new to watch.
I haven't seen this either so another new movie to watch.

I watched two movies, not the ones that just arrived but others ones. They both arrived not long ago and I haven't seen either of them before. One I thought was good & I really liked the main character although she was quite mischievous she was very smart at it. People see her as different at first as the movie goes on they begin to listen and work with her. I love movies like that. Just shows that you really can't judge a book by its cover. The other was black and white and really wasn't for me & I found it quite boring. 

I watched these: 

Night Of The Living Dead (Wasn't Keen)
Pretty Smart

On a different topic I later on remade two bracelets for my sister. The old ones came away after being worn constantly so it gave me something to do. I've been meaning to do it since the end of last year but I've not had a break with my health to do it. I ended up making myself a elasticated bracelet then decided it was bath time since my back was agony.

This is what I made for me:
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As always when I go for a bath I end up with one or two cats relaxing in the bathroom. Usually blaze as she rolls about the floor anytime I have a bath. 

Taken with an iphone.. Crazy cat!

It wasn't really an exciting day but still I got a bracelet out of it.. and a silly photo of my cat.