Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Lush Helping Hands

Around the middle of last year I started having new outbreaks of blistery bumps on my fingers. I didn't know what it was as I had never had it before but I guessed it was some form of Eczema. 

I have a lot of allergies, so if it was to be allergy related I knew it would be something I would have to deal with quite often. It made my fingers look horrible and not attractive in the slightest. During the healing process the skin started to look all wrinkly and cracked so I went on the search for products that would help in any way but I didn't want to spend a fortune on products for them to not work.

The Lush Helping Hands is on their website for £7.15 for 100g. It is a hand cream that was invented to help nurses and people that have really really dry over-washed hands.

Someone I've spoke to a few times who is a nurse & also suffers with eczema recommended Lush Helping Hands because she said it works wonders for her.

With this product I find a little goes a long way, you don't need to plaster it on. With my main focus being using it just on my hands and occasionally on my arms and legs, one tub has lasted me a while and I still have quite a bit left.

The smell isn't the greatest of smells , well I don't think so anyway.. But it is one that you can bare. Or if you really didn't like the smell just put a bit of fragrance over it.

It has chamomile infusion which is said to reduce redness and african marigold which is great for sore broken skin. I'll have to be honest and say it really does calm the itch from my eczema. My doctor gave me several creams and steroid creams but nothing worked so I'm glad I tried this. It makes my hands feel silky smooth and also works great for my other allergy breakouts which are usually spot rashes *sad face* Although good thing is, I have what is left in this tub and I have another that is unopened that my best friend got me for Christmas! It also makes my skin look a lot healthier during breakouts and not so dull. With a bit of Lush Helping Hands I don't feel so insecure about my eczema and how awful my hands look because it makes such a big difference. I would recommend it.

Lush do NOT test on animals and their pots can be recycled. You can get one fresh mask free when you recycle 5 clean full size lush pots. 

This product is preservative free & is vegetarian society approved.