Thursday, 29 September 2016

Once Upon A Time - New Episode

image from google

I only just noticed that Netflix uploaded a new episode of Once Upon A Time. I did plan on watching some spooky theme family films as Halloween approaches, but this has magic right so still counts.

I do really like once upon a time, and I waited patiently for the new episodes to be put up. Although, the only way I managed that was by finding other things to watch in the meantime. 

Hopefully I don't sneeze all the way through this episode as I have the sneezes at the moment... my cat Spyro is looking at me strange as usual, she likes to make sure I am okay and comes over to me, meows then once she can see that I am fine she wanders of happily.

image from google

If I don't get crazy looks like that from her, usually she falls off the bed or something. 

So now that my sneezes have kindly stopped, time to watch this episode..

Who else likes Once Upon A Time?