Tuesday, 27 September 2016

New Cat Treat - Easipet Cat/Kitten Scratch Pad

This item was part of a swap I did with a member in my swap group on facebook. She kindly got me this in exchange for some goodies and it seems my cats love it. Although as I was opening the box, all Spyro was interested in was running away with the cellotape until she actually saw what was inside and smelt the catnip.

Poor Blaze did want to play and have a roll around also but Spyro made sure she spread all over it.... So Blaze took a huff and sat on the floor.

I think I can safely say my cats are very grateful and love it. One of their scratch posts is ready for the bin and to be honest so is one of the activity centres that I have for them as they are both a few years old. I did buy a new activity centre to replace the old one but I haven't yet thrown the old one out. I thought this would be a fine treat for them.

Eventually Spyro did let her sister have a turn on it as she got hungry.. One thing I must say though is  although I knew it came with free cat nip, I thought the portion was tiny. Maybe I just expected too much since it was free after all but I do have catnip of my own so I guess that is something. 

Since my cats love it so much, my review of this definitely has to be that it is a great product for cats.. Especially lazy ones with the way it curves ha!