Thursday, 29 September 2016

Beads glorious beads!

I absolutely love making beaded bracelets. I find it is great as a relaxing method when I am really sore , it takes my mind off the pain.

Once jewellery is done I swap it for nice items. I hope to swap some ready made bits for household items for when I find a new home.

I do own a lot of beads, all different kinds. I have also had people get beads to swap with me so that is handy

The above photos show the beads I have recently received.  They are both packs of crackle glass beads, different sizes. I have no idea what I plan to make from them yet, I just create bracelets as the ideas come to me. Since I already have a lot made up, I think I will just get rid of all that first.

I also own plenty of charms and other jewellery bits.