Saturday, 1 October 2016

Epilepsy, Why do you hate me so?

Yesterday I had an appointment to see my neurologist at the hospital in the morning. My body decided that it was going to try to do everything in its power to prevent that from happening.
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I needed to go to the appointment to tell them my epilepsy isn't exactly behaving and it's giving me a hard time and it even proved me right on the day of my appointment as I woke up at 3am sick.  

Ever since I started taking seizures I would always be sick afterwards no matter what type of seizure it was. Only as I got older, my sickness was followed by migraines which really isn't pleasant and afterwards my body feels odd or like jelly.

Determined to make my appointment, I sat in bed for a little while and got a drink of milk. I thought well, if my stomach can handle that then I should be able to get some sleep.

Could I though? No. My back hurt, throat hurt, head hurt and I was over all really uncomfortable because of it. 

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So I stayed up until my taxi was due to arrive, yes I still went. Although I went looking absolutely terrible but at least I can say I still did it. 

I told the nurse that its been happening a lot and it is getting out of control and I also think I am taking myoclonic seizures because my arms shake randomly and I start dropping things all over the place, food especially and it is so frustrating. After discussing all my worries and issues and going over other things with her that made her see concern.. It seems that I may be due some more brain scans. She will be discussing it with my consultant. I do hope to get to the bottom of it all soon.