Thursday, 29 September 2016

Finally got more tippex!

Tippex is such a life saver when it comes to letter writing. Rather than ending up frustrated at the mess of a error and the thought of starting all over again, a little bit of tippex saves the day.  

This was one of the items I received as part of a swap. I do already have 2 spare tippex rollers but the more the better as they are always needed.

If I accidentally write an address wrong on an envelope I don't go throwing it away, this is where tippex comes in handy again. 

I like to reuse things and hate waste when it isn't needed. I'll be honest though I have never tried a tippex pen and I do wonder what they are like, if they are easy to use or if they dry up quick as I found some basic tippex fluid used to dry up easily all the time or maybe I just wasn't using it right.