Sunday, 4 March 2012


I absolutely love swapping!

But.. Swapping isn't the same anymore. There are a lot of people going onto swap sites and asking for cash only! That isn't swapping. It's okay to have one or two items cash only if it's expensive or you're looking to buy something similar, but not EVERYTHING.

I have over 5000 items, that I'd love to get rid of in a swap for new items that I would make use of or even some things for my mum, sister or my partner but swapping has died down a lot. I remember when I used to take like 8 parcels to the post office at a time, now its only like one or two because everyone asks for cash. Its the same if you ask someone to swap, a lot of the time you get "sorry no but I will accept cash" If i wanted to buy the item I would have asked how much?

 If you want to start swapping , hop on over to :