Thursday, 22 March 2012

A Little Bit Of Change

So I have decided, my walls and windows in my room need a bit of style added to them as they're looking plain and boring!

My mum got me a canvas for my birthday which is next month to put up on my wall! It's lovely. 

I've had a dream catcher for a while now that I haven't yet put up. It's pretty big, with fairies on it and is light blue. It's really pretty and about time it brightened my room up a bit.

I decided to purchase a window sticker of the logo of one of my favourite bands.. Rammstein! I've placed that in the corner of my window. For my window, I'm also waiting on paw print stickers to arrive to make it look like I've had a bear walking diagonally down my window.

Once i get a Scotland flag, I will hang that at one side of my wall infront of my bed and a German flag at the other. 

It's certainly going to look different, but it's all stuff I like so will make my room look more like my own.