Saturday, 3 March 2012


Came back home from manchester yesterday. I was in two minds whether to go or not as I have been struggling to walk a lot lately and I collapsed last month trying to walk 5 minutes to the doctors, so walking about manchester & Rammstein concert was a bit of a risk. Me being me, didn't want to waste money already spent and want to atleast try to do things that other people can do.

I managed to stand through the full concert holding the barrier and didnt seizure once either being epileptic which was a bonus, though my head and eyes were really sore afterwards but still I enjoyed myself. Just as the concert finished and people started to move it was then i realised, I couldn't move! Both legs swelt up, ankle was already swollen from collapsing previously and was in agony and my back seized up due to my spinal issues. Although I moved my legs about constantly throughout the gig and adjusted myself so my back or sides were safe, I still ended up with swollen legs, severe back pain (which was from standing too long) and ankle swelt more due to too much pressure on my foot so we got out the arena as soon as possible (me & my partner Kevin) and went to the hotel via taxi, where i fell asleep not long after we got a food delivery lol! I was exhausted. Next day, I could hardly walk. When I walk normally I have to stop every minute or two because I get too sore and my back starts to tighten & my chest. We were going to pop into a few shops before heading home but I felt it in my legs and back that I really couldn't handle walking, so we just went for lunch then wandered to the wetherspoons and sat in there until an hour before the bus arrival. Luckily, the hotel was near where we had to go for the concert and the bus station so it wasn't far. We just got a taxi to the arena. We spent more time waiting in manchester than anything else, I really couldn't move about much. I don't find manchester exciting anyway. I spent 14 years living there and hated it so I couldn't wait to get home.

Will be my last concert standing though I think, my back and legs are too weak now.

I'm using my inhaler a lot more because of how my spine is and its effect on my breathing. I don't really fancy having breathing issues whilst at a concert because I'm being squashed and in pain.

Although there are so many things I cannot do anymore due to my health, I am still greatful for what I can do and won't stop trying to do things even if its a tricky task, if you don't try you never know if you can do it.

Even if you find it hard don't give up, if you keep trying at least you can say you tried & if you try and still can't do it, improvise because there may be an easier way.