Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My Favourite Jewellery Pieces I Own

I thought I would share with everyone my favourite jewellery pieces. I dont own a lot of jewellery but the necklaces shown below are my favourites. I do not wear earrings, rings, toe rings and rarely wear bracelets. I wear stainless steel horseshoe hoops in my ears & one spiral 2mm stretcher in each ear instead of earrings. I seemed to react to silver/gold plated or real silver/gold earrings so stainless steel & spiral wins.

Necklace 1 :

This is my favourite piece. I bought this a few years ago for £29.99. I like spider design things or cobweb patterns so this jumped out at me right away. I bought it from Osiris in Glasgow but they have a website :

Necklace 2: 

This necklace I also bought from Osiris. Its quite a recent buy but I seen it and thought it was really nice. I'd previously saved up quite a bit of pennies for January sales but I didn't see anything online that caught my eye so decided to treat myself to this when I was out. This was £29.99.

Necklace 3:

Necklace 1 , 2 & 3 have all been Alchemy Gothic necklaces. This is smaller than the other two an was also cheaper. I bought this on eBay for £14.99 and 99p postage. For 99p postage I didn't expect it to be sent recorded 1st or 2nd class signed for. Its basic compared to the previous 2 necklaces but a nice design. The seller sells other Alchemy Gothic necklaces so here is the link if you want to have a browse: Click here to go to the sellers eBay profile

Necklace 4:

This is a totally different type of necklace altogether but I do wear it quite often. I bought this on eBay quite a while back for around 60p from china! Bargain. Although I ended up getting a refund because it didn't arrive then eventually arrived 2 and a half months after buying it.. So really i didn't pay for it. I wonder where it went to during that 2 and a half months? 

Well what do you think ? Do you have any favourite most worn jewellery pieces?