Wednesday, 30 January 2013

99p Dvd Buys!

I have quite a collection of dvds building up! I get them from ebay, poundland, and through swaps and occasionally other sites if I cant get a better deal elsewhere. 

At the moment, on ebay I tend to search for new dvds only, under £1, free postage to see if I can snipe a good bargain. Costs them more to post anyway but still no harm in trying otherwise someone else may get them! 

So after bidding on a few dvds at 99p or £1, I ended up winning these two :

Both new and sealed. 99p each free postage. I was amazed when one turned up signed for. I'm quite fussy with movies and I'm not really a big fan of comedy / romance but if I don't like a dvd I swap it on bigwardrobe.