Wednesday, 30 January 2013 Recent Order & Review

I haven't had the best of luck with Everything5Pounds unfortunately. I've made quite a lot of orders with them and had to return half or more of the stuff I have ever bought. Very disappointing when the items you buy are then out of stock so you cannot exchange them for the same item. 

I once returned a pair of trousers with a broken zip for exchange to receive the same pair back. They say it wasn't the same pair but they were out of stock - then all of a sudden in stock & when I bought a pair they were out of stock again. They don't restock all their items only sometimes restock some but I thought it was too much of a coincidence. Especially when the zip was broken the exact same way. 

If it wasn't for the free returns label for faulty items, I would have probably stopped buying a long time ago. No other company that I have bought from often has sent me so many faulty stuff.

Anyway.. Here is my most recent order: 

Shoes look nice aye? That's why I bought them in the first place. Please excuse my cat posing in the photo. 

Now here is the big disappointment... 

With the beige shoes: 

Who munched the side of my shoe?

Thats not supposed to be there...

Nice marks in the shoe..

whatever that is , it wont come off

Again more marks , dents , scratches

I see a pattern here..

More scratches

Few more dents

So.. Those shoes are being returned! 

And for the other pair: 

Who scraped at my heel?

Spot the difference with the shape of the bottom of the shoe?

Why did i receive shoes so dusty looking? Also.. Notice the line marks that shouldn't be there?

This photo is just to show that the above show has line marks that shouldn't be there.

Well the first pair of shoes were definitely in the worst condition out of the two but either way both pair of shoes have faults.

So if this was your order and you received items in this condition, how would you feel and what would your reaction be?

Also if you were constantly receiving faulty items and only some good from a company how would you feel? Would you buy from them again even if they had a free post returns label?