Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Natural Beauty Box October 2012

I subscribed to the natural beauty box for the october box and was delighted with what I received. They are based in canada and have different prices for shipping to different countries. I am from Scotland, United Kingdom and my box cost me £19.50. The contents valued $84.30 which according to google is over £50! BARGAIN! 

For people that don't know about the box this is taken from their website to give you a bit more information:

The Natural Beauty Box, brought to you by The Natural Beauty Store, is a beautiful, affordable, and one of the only 95-100% natural month to month subscription beauty boxes in the world. Filled with 10-15 DELUXE SAMPLES (no foil samples) and delivered straight to your door every month, The Natural Beauty Box makes a great gift, and gives you a chance to try top quality products for just $20 per month. Love the box? Get super saving when purchasing ahead, as well as discounts when purchasing full-sizes of the products from our parent company, The Natural Beauty Store. At The Natural Beauty Box, we aim to fill our boxes with only the best quality and most natural products, so you can truly experience the beauty of natural. Every month is different, but we guarantee a minimum of 10 deluxe 95-100% Natural  samples in EVERY SINGLE box.

The Natural Beauty Box is always packaged with style, so it makes a great gift for anyone! The Natural Beauty Box gives you the chance to try 10-15 different products from natural brands without having to buy full sized right away, so it saves you a ton! All samples in The Natural Beauty Box are deluxe, meaning they're very usable (at least .1 oz with the exception of vials for perfumes) and aren't in those one time use  foil sample packs. Every box comes with a guide on what the products are, useful beauty tips and tons of coupons for every product in the box. If you love the sample, you can just pop onto The Natural Beauty Store and get the full size with a discount, as well as check out other natural products we carry.

I did previously get other beauty boxes from the UK but not all natural like this and I found I had allergy reactions with a lot of the stuff. Only tried 4 of these products so far and been fine with all 4! 

Unfortunately my box did get hit with a customs charge which was £18.10 as the box value was marked as $80 but the company handled it very well and offered me december box with no extra cost. They confirmed that future boxes will be sent so uk buyers wont get custom charges. I already subscribed to novembers box which I am glad I did as it sold out and I loved this months box - some of the products even smelt edible. 

My natural beatuty box opened up with contents and sleeping beauty in the background *snore* 11 contents in total.  The envelope that had my name on it had inside my invoice and an information sheet about reward points, product details, coupons and other information.

The Balance product is the Balance Seawater Facial Mist by Authentic Skin Remedies -  8ml sample worth $6 . This has a nice smell to it and left my face feeling really soft. Can be used as a toner or a mineral mist but I used it as a mineral mist. Will last a while as you don't need to use a lot at a time. The other product is the Gentle Creamy Facial Cleanser With Lavender by Virga Botanicals which is 1oz / 28ml sample worth $4. Not a strong scent with this quite mild but just right for me. I tried this and it was a good cleanser didnt need to use much of this either so will last a long time. These two made my face feel incredibly soft and fresh so I am really pleased.
The round pot with green text is Grazzia Bio-Regen Face Cream by Biograzia. It is a 5ml sample worth $5.50. It smells like my Lush Helping Hands Hand Cream which I bought because I have eczema on the hands and it can get really raw and irritating and was quite hard to do things as my fingers were sore - even hurt to hold things so needed something to calm the redness down and ease it a bit so it wasnt so bad. I found it worked better for me than the moisturisers the doctors gave me. I looked in the natural beauty store and this face cream also has african oils in it and my hand cream has african marigold oil so my be why its a similar smell. Not used this product yet but the benefits are 100% natural product, Anti-aging, Nourishing, Restoring, Detoxifying and Aromatherapeutic so sounds really good! Next is the Ariona Healing Balm - 0.5oz worth $5. This smells really fresh and is a decent size as you wont need to use much of it at a time and should last a long time. Havent tried this yet but will do soon. Last in the photo above is the Pumpkin Scrub Soap by Happy Pumpkin worth $3.80 for a 1.5oz sample. Just in time for halloween! Can be used in the shower to exfoliate whilst cleansing skin. Smells really nice & has extracts of pumpkin, coffee, buriti oil and other ingredients including cocoa butter, pumpkin seed oil, avocado oil, aloe butter, vitamin e and unrefined shea buttter so sounds like it would be really good for the skin - havent tried it yet but look forward to doing so.

If i wasnt sitting down when I read the details of the petal organics firming body cream then I would have fell down. This 1oz sample is worth $30.00 .. Full size 8oz is $160!! Oh wow, Havent tried it yet but it must be good to be that price. Taken from the natural beauty store : Scientifically advanced natural ingredients incorporated in the formulation promote collagen synthesis and improve skin elasticity and moisture retention levels. I havent tried this yet but for the value price I am hoping for it to be really good.  The next product is ATL International - Raw Carrier Oil & it say St. Johns Wort Oil on the sample. The sample is 1oz worth $10.  This can be used on skin, hair or even in the bath. I havent used it yet but it will be added into my next bath.

These two products smell so yummy. In the tub is Super Rich Island Butter by Burst Organic Beauty Bar in the scent Blueberry + Vanilla which is a 1oz sample worth $6.50. This will last a long time as you dont need to use much of it at at time. I used it on my hands and It barely even looks like I used any at all. The only downside is it smells so much like starburst that I ended up going to the ice cream van and getting two packs of starburst which I wouldnt have done if these didnt make me fancy some haha! But they really do smell lovely. I thought the blueberry and vanilla butter smelt like the blackcurrant starburst. The other burst product I received was a Lemon Lime + Peppermint Love Bubbles Body Wash which smells like the lemon and lime starburst. I havent used this yet but smells yummy and will be trying it out soon though.

So this is different! Beer Bath Salts, Champagne Bath Salts and Cabernet Sauvignon(Wine?) Bath Salts - 3 x 0.5oz worth $6. Still not sure about the choice of scents for these. They smell alright and will last a while as I wouldn't use much at a time as the scent is strong but wouldn't really be my choice of scent. Will get used though!
This is a Cinnamon Honey Lip Balm by Accidental Herbal worth $3.80. I thought the scent was quite strong at first as I've never really been a fan of cinnamon but getting used to the scent now after a few sniffs haha! Mum smelt it and smelt the honey but I got a strong smell of cinnamon. I've not long tried it and it did make my lips feel nice and soft so I will most likely keep using it

So that was all the goodies I got in this bag and I have to say I am very impressed. No more other beauty boxes for me just sticking with this one now so please please continue your boxes for a long time! I'm getting november and december box and any other box after that.
If you are interested in subscribing to the natural beauty box to receive a lovely box filled with goodies then click here to be redirected to the natural beauty box website.