Friday, 26 October 2012

Sending And Receiving Parcels ; My opinion

Everyone has an opinion about things so thought I would share mine as a blog post.

Well overall my opinion is I hate receiving parcels wrapped up in grocery bags, bin bags or something similar with a bit of paper taped on for the address.

So many times ive received stuff wrapped in paper, bin bags or grocery bags - some poorly taped together and a lot without bubble wrap to protect the items being sent to me. I don't mind if an items wrapped in a few layers of wrapping paper as long as the item has been bubble wrapped to prevent damages.

Ive just spent £15 on 500 mailing bags, 3 different sizes, because I couldnt send people items wrapped in a carrier bag. Recyclings good but I just feel if you're going to send a parcel it should be sent properly. I also buy bubble wrap, address labels & even have the slips that stick to a parcel that you can slide the address into. I know I wouldn't like to receive damaged goods because they have been poorly wrapped so I wouldnt send them that way either.

I received a pair of scales not long ago from a seller on ebay - he listed them as new - but when i got them they arrived in their box which wasnt a full box as it just covered the sides and bottom but not the top - but the seller didnt even put any wrapping paper round it or put it another box or mailing bag - the scales were completely on show and could have easily fell out! I received them with tons of little dents in them because there wasnt anything covering the top of the scales. Seller put one strip of tape across the front - that was actually stuck to the scales,  not the box - with my address on it. When i took the scales out of the box they were that old they had rust that covered the bottom of the scales and all the way round the side. So the seller listed them as new - undamaged when really they were old and rusty - wasnt too impresed! He was very rude too, sent me a message saying "thats y they were so cheap - if you want to return em you can!!!!" I mean how unprofessional. He said he would refund me the extra it would cost me to send them back ontop of what I originally paid - but didnt. Ended up giving him negative feedback for being extremely rude, sending me trash, not packaging the item at all so it got damaged when sending it to me and not refunding me he extra like he said he would so pretty much lying.