Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Oh My ... She Said Beauty

Subscription per month is £11.95 with postage or you can get 3 month sub for £27 + £2.95 postage (postage per month)

This box was REALLY disappointing - My box looked quite empty & I thought I had to be missing something but nope... Wheres the rest of my moneys worth ? I really feel for everyone that paid full price for this box - i would have got it with a 6 month subscription that i got half price if i didnt have enough points for a free box but all their previous boxes put this to to shame so its still quite underwhelming and for anyone that actually paid for the box i can see why they would be angry and really disappointed because the samples are barely enough to even get a good test out of some of the products and they're losing money from this box.
You only get a free box after leaving reviews for 50 products received in previous boxes as you get 20 points per review.

PLEASE NOTE : The green tea extract tablets were an extra added treat/freebie but even with the value of that added to the box - it still wasnt worth it!

Items shown in the photo below are :

Amy Childs Fragrance By Jigsaw Esl Sample - full size price retails £14.99 for 30ml. Doesnt say on it how much the sample is but think its 1.5ml which would this worth around 75p 

Cellnique Advanced Bio Renewal Masque - Full size $51 for 50g - this sample is only 3g making this worth around £1.90 which i think is around $3.07

Biao Beauty Rejuvenating Night Creme - Full size is $24.50 for 118ml making these worth around £0.51 or $0.82 as you only get two 2ml samples.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Travel Size Lotion - The 50ml size (what i received) is worth £1.19

B.liv Off With Those Heads - Full size is $49 for 30ml - i only got a 3ml sample worth around £3.07

EXTRA TREAT/FREEBIE? : My Vitamin total green tea extract 30 tablets food supplement - worth £2.49 and are not to be taken by pregnant women, people breastfeeding, planning a pregnancy, people on medication or with food allergies without consulting a doctor first - so probably not suitable for a lot of people! and it says on the website :

"These easy to consume tablets make Total Green Tea Extract the ideal supplement for anyone looking to improve general health and support their immune system from free radical attacks."

im sure people that a lot of people looking to improve their health may be on tablets for health problems.. so you'd think you wouldnt have to consult your doctor about them first if they're for people that are looking to improve general health..

Please note for currency conversion i used google currency conversion

Without the extra added treat my box totals £7.42. Yes.. £7.42.......... but with the "extra treat" £9.91....

I honestly dont know what else to say other than this is the worst value box I have ever received and as you can see - most of the product sample sizes are really really small and wouldnt last long. Ive never ever received a beauty box where the contents have been worth less than the original price of the box(including the postage cost) so this is really disappointing..