Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Happy Days!!

Quite a few parcels today. Some of the swaps I recently made online arrived! Yay! I love swapping and receiving the items, especially if I know its something I need and will make use of. I even keep an eye out to see if theres anything that my mums friends may like or people i know may like especially when birthdays are near. A lot of people swap unwanted gifts that may come of use to other people as gifts instead! I do prefer swapping over shopping, though i have to say I do like to browse ebay for bargains! 

Today I received a lovely 2 colour dotty t-shirt and I'm delighted with it, it would look lovely with leggings or even black combats. 

I also received a Gameboy Advance that was also a swap. Although I have a ds that plays gameboy advance games, I wanted to get myself a gameboy advance incase I'd prefer to play my games on that. I love nintendo consoles, there are a lot of great nintendo games out and a lot of great classic games too for the older consoles. Not all the games are great but there are a good variety of ones that are. Mario games and Pokemon games were my childhood main games and that still hasn't changed. I also loved Spyro the dragon games as a child but that was playstation, though I am glad that they have now made spyro the dragon for the Wii console.

I received the pokemon game for 3ds - Super pokemon rumble. I bought this on ebay for £17. I seen a lot of auctions go higher than that so I'm quite happy getting the game for that price as I am rather keen on it already.

Since my 3ds is new, I did the smart thing and bought myself some screen protectors to protect the screens from damage. I've done this with my iphone 4, nds original, sony ericcson satio (which i use for camera) and now my 3ds. I like to have the screens protected with a screen protector, keeps them in good condition. I may get on for the gameboy advance too, although it has quite a few scratches already its still a good idea to protect it from more..