Saturday, 28 April 2012

Birthday surprise

So I got a parcel on the 27th of April, with a return address on it that I recognised. It was a girl's address that I swapped with many times before, but we didn't have an ongoing swap so I was confused as to why I received a parcel. I thought maybe she sent one to the wrong person! 

Inside i read this note :

"Hi, I know this is a bit weird but you wanted the books and I'm not using them anymore. I noticed on facebook that it's your birthday tomorrow, so I want you to have these as a present , and as a thank you for being such an awesome swapper.

I hope you enjoy them, 
*Name Here*"

And well that made my day, 5 lovely books that I was looking forward to swap for, I got as a birthday present instead.

What a lovely lass, she knows who she is & is a delightful swapper!

I'll need to think of something nice for her birthday ^_^