Saturday, 25 February 2012

February 25th Rant - Complaining

February 25th - 2012

Second blog post, YAY! I've never really been into these.. If I'm honest, since I am just starting I really don't know what to write although I have a rant I do need to get off my chest so here goes.

UTTERLY..fed up with people complaining about the most pathetic things ever. Especially on social networking sites. "Grr I'm so p***** at my parents they wont let me go out" or "Tv's rubbish, I dont know what games to play and my so called friends are a total let down" Just made up examples by the way, but ive seen people whining over football , because they're "skint", because someone wont talk to them due to drunken mistakes or they've fallen out and really looking at half the comments on my facebook most of them consist of people thinking their life is the worst thing going and nothing ever goes right for them. Half of them are probably spoilt rotten and don't even realise how good they have it. You have a roof over your head, you have food, you have the internet, these are things a lot of people dont have. The arguements, fights etc caused by sports are pathetic. Theres really no need, they're just games, enjoy them and dont be sore losers.

Theres so many people and animals in this world id love to help but I know its not as easy as to just click your fingers and then they'll be helped. I'm planning on collecting stuff to donate to different charities soon, even things that you may think are utter rubbish, they might actually get some money and get someone or something food or drink or maybe even go towards shelter.

My point of the rant is , think before you complain thinking everythings a mess and going wrong, when really there are people so much worse than you every day who are possibly going through earthquakes, tornado problems, floods, being homeless, seriously unwell etc. 

For people who don't know me, I'm epileptic and have been since I was 11 and it has never been fully controlled but I cope with it and recently found out I have lordosis and kyphosis in the spine with a possible scoliosis twist as well..Yes I'm in pain and yes I am struggling to walk, but I am trying and keeping my chin up. I'm not the only one in the world who suffers these things and there are people who suffer from worse, I just see it as a challenge and something to work round, granted I'll never be able to do some things but there are other things I'll get the chance to do that others won't and I'll be greatful for what I can acheive. 

Enjoy what you have,  dont complain about what you don't have .